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Going Green With Lucky Bamboo Tree

Looking to go green indoors? Try the lucky bamboo plants. They are hearty, resilient plants that require very little maintenance.

How To Grow Your Own Roses

This article is aimed in helping you to start growing your own roses. Anyone can grow their own roses, even if you are a beginner.

Why Aquaponics Are Superior to Hydroponics

Hydroponics and growing systems have become both common and popular in recent years in a variety of circumstances and with people of all ages. While these systems are generally effective, there are a number of drawbacks which can create issues or concerns.

Propagating Conifers From Cuttings

Propagating conifers is not always as straightforward as it seems. This article details my own particular method which has given me a better than average success rate.

Top Tips to Build DIY Wooden Greenhouses

Glass greenhouse is quite common but you can even get a wooden greenhouse. If you are looking for a cheap greenhouse then you can consider this option. You can choose the do it yourself option to save some money on building the structure.

Tomato Plant Varieties

Before you start planting tomatoes, you will first need to determine the appropriate variety for cultivation. This selection was based on several factors you need to consider especially your place climate and suitable tomato variety to plant. As you know, there are many varieties that you’re free to grow in your garden. By knowing a little bit about types of tomato plants, it can help you in determining which tomato plants varieties suitable for cultivation.

Herbal Vinegars

Vinegar has been around for as long as we can remember! Did you know that many of the different types can easily be infused with homegrown herbs to give them an intense flavour kick or added medicinal benefits.

Are Host Plants Really Needed for a Butterfly Garden?

Host plants are definitely, needed if you are serious about having a diverse garden that are full of butterflies. Some may wander in but if you have host plants, there will be more because it is their home.

Rosemary – Grow Your Own From Cuttings

Rosemary plants are expensive to buy. This article gives detailed instructions for successfully raising your own plants from cuttings.

Got Weeds? How to Kill Nut Sedge, Nut Grass, Sedge Grass

If you are like me, you hate weeds in your lawn. You do everything you can to keep your lawn properly maintained, and still… out of nowhere little green devils pop up. I just love it. Some weeds may look like they are nice little unassuming plants, but they are silent lawn assassins.

Switchable Ballast

The switchable ballast is great for all indoor gardening needs. It is a great way to make sure that plants get the right amount of sunlight daily and it will prove to be a perfect for ingenuity for all gardening needs. The switchable ballast comes in 120 Volt, 240 Volt depending on how much light is needed to grow which ever plants. The Galaxy ballast can literally harness the power of the sun with its superb lighting quality. The sun system ballast is perfect to replace the sun if it is blocked out by thunderstorms or other such volatile weather.

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