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Organic Gardening – Eggplant Grown Fresh in Your Own Garden

Tips you should know about growing a fresh crop of eggplant in your vegetable garden. Eggplant is a crop that not only comes in the traditional purple color when most think of it. It can be grown from many different varieties, and colors.

Vegetable Gardening – How to Make a Raised Bed

I personally love raised beds for vegetable growing, they solve many problems, (poor soil, hard-pan layers, high water tables etc), and are very easy to install. All you need to build them are some lengths of pressure treated / tannalised timber and some wooden stakes. Of course you can use other materials, such as old / new railway sleepers, (do not use if treated with creosote) brick or stone, logs, plastic raised beds are also available to buy.

Grow Orchids in Greenhouses

Get the latest tips on growing orchids inside of greenhouses. You will learn the advantages of using a greenhouse as well as some of the drawbacks of an orchid greenhouse in this article. Learn the secrets of greenhouse orchids now.

Vegetable Gardening – Designing and Planning Your Plot

Vegetable gardens are far more successful if you have a plan from the outset. It is important to take the time to plan and design your patch in the beginning, to ensure a bountiful harvest at the end. Before you rush out and start to plant your plot it’s worth taking some time to plan what you are going to grow, where you are going to grow it, as well as considering crop rotation and systems such as ‘no dig method’ or raised beds etc.

Organic Gardening – Tips on Growing Melons in Cool Seasonal Climates

Short growing seasons and cool climate conditions can make it a challenge when trying to grow a crop of melons in your home garden. Choosing a variety with a maturity time for your area and along with a few tips that are listed bellow, you can have a thriving crop of melons in your own home garden.

A Guide to Preparing and Laying Turf

If you are embarking on laying your own turf, then it is vital you follow an expert’s guidelines. Preparing the soil properly is crucial, and laying the turf in a certain way is equally important. This article provides advice on how to prepare, lay and care for your new turf.

Silk Bonsai

Is Silk bonsai a reality or a myth? The fact is you cannot grow a silk bonsai tree; it actually refers to artificial bonsai trees which are made as replicas of natural trees and are used mainly for the purpose of decoration. If you want to own a bonsai tree and at the same time can not spare the time and effort required for creating bonsai trees then your best bet is to get a silk bonsai tree.

How to Bonsai

Wondering how to bonsai? Well to be honest there is no one line easy answer for this question. Bonsai as an art form has many techniques and methods which have to be mastered in order to be able to create great bonsai work. Equally important aspects of how to bonsai are patience, perseverance and dedication of the enthusiast. Without this attitude it will not be able to grow bonsai trees.

Fertilizers For Bonsai Trees

In this article we will discuss the importance of fertilizers for the growth of bonsai trees. And how to choose the right kind of feed for your bonsai.

Organic Gardening – Growing Corn in Your Home Vegetable Garden

Tips on growing corn in your home vegetable garden. It is an easy crop to crow and can be grown in limited space if needed to be.

Organic Gardening – Double Digging Your Garden Beds to Improve the Soil’s Structure

Double digging your garden beds will improve it’s soil structure. It is a labor intensive method that allows you to improve the depth of the soil by adding organic matter.

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