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6 Reasons Why You Should Be Growing Your Own Tomato Plants

Growing tomato plants is not as hard as you might think. Not only that but homegrown tomatoes taste much better than those in the stores! I’ll show you 6 important reasons why you should grow your own tomatoes – even if you don’t have a garden.

My Girlfriend Beat My Pants Off at This

Take a New Orleans city gal, a few seeds, some basic instructions, a few buckets of dirt, and she is growing her own vegetables and spices. And if she can do it, I can do it, you can do it. The Earth means to grow food. All you have to do is let it.

One of the Best Tomato Growing Tips – Companion Planting

Tomatoes are plants that attract a large number of pests and diseases, much to the keen gardener’s frustration. Companion planting is a relatively easy and successful way to at least keep these pests under some sort of control. Using companion planting your tomato plants should at least have a fighting chance to survive until you can give them some more time.

Composting at Home – Simple Techniques

So you have decided to start composting at home. That is an excellent choice as it will cut down on the amount of refuse you are sending to the landfill.

Why Choose Organic Gardening?

The term ‘organic’ is becoming more and more popular today. You see organic clothing, foods, even organic bedding. Entire stores are devoted to organic products and books about the subject are available everywhere. So why is there such an interest in all things organic these days?

Facts About Growing Your Own Vegetables

If you are thinking of growing your own vegetables, you have probably already considered the benefits of having fresh, tasty produce at your fingertips. You may have even contemplated the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment you might experience by raising your own food from seed or seedlings. But there are many other advantages you may not have considered.

Avoiding Unnecessary Tree Damage

Animals and careless use of yard equipment around a tree can cause irreversible damage to it. However, by taking a few, small simple steps to ensure the healthy growth of a tree on your property, you can save money in the future.

4 Beneficial Insects You Must Get to Know For Your Home Vegetable Garden

If you have a vegetable garden, then there are beneficial insects you must get to know to help you out. Here are 4 of them you should familiarize yourself with today.

Grow Sunflowers For Beauty and a Healthy Snack!

Sunflowers are a bright and happy flower that look great all summer long. As an added bonus, you can roast the seeds and have a healthy snack. Learn the basics of growing this beautiful flower.

My First Rain Barrel Experience

It was nothing fancy. It was purely functional, at best.

Organic Gardening – When to Test Your Garden’s Soil

Test your garden’s soil when the time is right. Weather conditions and temperature are important factors in when testing should begin.

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