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Potting Orchids – Tips For Potting Orchids – A Good Pot Goes a Long Way in Successful Growth

Exotic orchids – the flower of luxury – and you can grow them with some care and knowledge. Part of that knowledge is choosing and preparing the right type of pot for your orchid.

Paradise Orchids and Dendrobiums – Flowers of the Trees

There are probably hundreds of different kinds of dendrobiums that grow on this planet. We will discuss a few of the most popular types of dendrobiums that are grown throughout the world.

Building a Profitable Greenhouse Does Not Have to Be Expensive

The article shows the benefits of having a profitable greenhouse without draining the family savings. There are many ways by which we can fight global warming. If we can all make a stand, we can decrease the rate by which global warming increases everyday. Maybe the day will come when it will no longer be an issue.

Beware of Super Garden Centers

The weather is warming up and people are starting to buy their plants for the spring planting season. Many people buy their plants from the mass garden centers. If this is you, you need to do a little research or else you may be buying your plants more than once.

Your Vegetable Garden Design Depends on Elbow Grease and Soil

A lot of people want to start growing their own vegetables. But before you start digging and sowing the vegetable seeds stop and think about the type of soil your garden has.

How to Care For Orchids (What You Need to Help Them Survive)

Caring for orchids have you scared? OK – maybe scared is a bit much. But for those of you that are like me, and truly love your orchids – you want to make sure you do everything right. So, here are some tips to help you get off to a good start. First off – timing matters when learning to care for orchids. Make sure you water your orchid in the morning and remember – keep the leaves dry. Else you may find crown rot and that is not a good way to take care of orchids.

Lawn, Garden Soil Test Kits – Grow the Beautiful, Healthy Lawn of Your Dreams

A bright green lawn healthy looking lawn not enhances the appearance of your property but also improves its value. Today there are lots of home improvement programs that frequently promote the importance of a good lawn.

Soil Testing-How to Buy the Right Fertilizer

Every farmer or gardener is aware that all land is not created equally. Instead of just guessing at what is missing for best plant performance, it is better to put some science behind your next fertilizer purchase.

Repotting Orchids – How to Properly Go About Repotting Orchids

To start, you need to get a new pot for your plant. You need to prepare this pot properly, or your time spent repotting orchids will be a waste! If you are recycling an old or used pot, soak it in a little bleach and water mixture. Once it is thoroughly soaked, rinse it and give it a few days to dry out. You want it totally dry before you proceed. If the pot is brand new, just soak it in water for a little while.

Enjoy Your Garden by Buying the Right Garden Furniture Set

There is no point in having a lovely garden if you are not able to sit out and enjoy it. Having the right garden furniture set can truly enhance your experience as you thrill in the sights, sounds and smells of your garden.

Timber Decking Ideas – 4 Golden Questions to Help Avoid Costly Mistakes

The sun comes out, and we all want to be out in it. The patio’s not good enough anymore, it’s all about timber decking. Everybody wants it, we’ve got to have it; but trying to get the design and function right can lead to costly mistakes. If you can honestly answer these 4 questions, you’re halfway to getting your plans right, and as everybody knows, the planning stage can make or break a project. Give yourself and your timber decking ideas the best chance of success.

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