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How to Use Canna Coco Nutrients

In hydroponics, the growing medium you use for your plants can greatly influence your plants’ growth and overall health. This is because the growing medium is a substrate, which provides support to the plant. In addition, the plant also receives all its nutrients from the growing media.

Plant Propagation Basics, Increase the Survival Rate For Plants Cuttings

Exact methods of propagating plants with cuttings and best time of year vary for different plants. The best survival rate depends on how and when you take cuttings.

How Do I Control Slugs and Snails?

When the warmer weather hits, slugs and snails look for moist food early morning and late at night. They found perfect conditions in our garden and had probably been feasting on our runner beans for a few weeks without us noticing. If you garden is being attacked by slugs and snails, this guide will help dramatically reduce the number of slugs and snails.

Bird Feeders – Keeping Your Bird Feeders Clean Will Keep Your Birds Healthy

We must take proper precautions to keep our native birds safe while offering them a variety of foods from which to choose. Birds at backyard feeders are exposed to the risks of disease and predation. It is our duty to make sure they are safe from both by following a few simple practices.

Getting a Greener Lawn – Tips and Tricks

Creating a beautiful green lawn is possible for anyone, no matter who you are. All you need is to learn a few tips and tricks of lawn maintenance to help you in your efforts.

Garden Design For Curb Appeal

Street-side landscape design, or “curb appeal” gardening, is becoming a bigger and bigger issue with many homeowners as they seek to maintain high property values. This easy guide will give you some of the simple methods of designing for curb appeal.

Garden Weed Control – How Best to Deal With Oxalis

There are uglier garden weeds than Wood Sorrel, (Oxalis) but not many as difficult to treat. Within a bed of ground cover plants for example, it can be disastrous.

Enhance Your Flower Garden With Garden Edging

Garden edging is much like the frame of a painting. It can help set your garden apart, and enhance its beauty.

Build Your Own Greenhouse and Get Serious About Year Round Gardening

A greenhouse isn’t just for commercial growers. It’s for anyone interested in serious gardening, and it doesn’t have to be expensive either. Whether you enjoy flowers or vegetables, you can build a handsome homemade greenhouse that boosts productivity and gets the most out of your gardening season. Here is how I converted an old shed into a nice productive greenhouse for growing vegetables.

House Plants Need Loving Too

Just about everyone has some sort of houseplant in their home. There are many people who love their plants and treat them extra special. You have to remember that house plants are living organisms as well. Thus they get attacked by living things as well.

Indoor Herb Garden

An indoor herb garden might be a good option for many reasons. Not everybody has the luxury of having even a patch of soil for a garden outdoors, with most of the population of the world crammed into cramped flats. Alternately, you might be living in a cold place where even if you do have a garden, for fresh herbs during winter, you will need another option – this is where an indoor herb garden becomes the perfect solution.

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