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5 Tips For Transplanting Your Roses Into Pots

The thought of transplanting your beloved rose bushes into pots can be daunting. However with some simple preparation and precautions it can be accomplished successfully. Here are 5 tips on how to transplant roses.

Chinese Weeping Willow

The weeping willow tree was first known as the Peking willow from Peking China. It has been around for centuries, dating back as far as 400 B.C. In North America, Europe and parts of Asia it is now called the weeping willow.

The Beautiful Babylon Weeping Willow

The beautiful Babylon weeping willow is one of the prettiest blooming willow trees that have ever been seen! The Babylon will tolerate moist soils, but need lots of water to survive! These trees have long and drooping branches and are directly related to plants that come out of China. This beautiful weeping willow tree is widely cultivated as an ornamental type tree.

Curly Weeping Willow

A curly willow tree (Latin name Salix Matsudana Tortuosa) and a weeping willow tree are both in the willow family. While a weeping one has limbs that grow down toward the ground, the curly one has branches that grow in a curling, spiraling form.

Golden Weeping Willow Trees

The golden weeping willow tree is one of the more popular trees of the weeping willows. It adds unmatched graceful beauty to water landscapes with it’s long, sweeping, golden branches that flows down to the ground.

Do You Use Herbs in the Kitchen?

There is no doubt that seasonings add flavor to food. Seasonings can be as simple as using salt or pepper, all the way to exotic sounding combination’s of herbs from around the world. Our food would be bland and boring without these delicious delicacies.

Flowering Weeping Willow

The flowering weeping willow tree is the one you see that sags or hangs to the ground and looks as though it is sad hence the name, “weeping willow”. Normally, they are such spacious trees they tend to take up more space in your yard or garden area. These tress grow with time, and although with most trees or bushes pruning is a necessity with these trees pruning will destroy their beauty.

Beds and Borders

Create the illusion of space in a small garden by disguising the boundary. Wider borders provide the opportunity to combine a range of plants that together will either hide the boundary from view or break up its outline, effectively camouflaging it. Dividing the garden horizontally will also make the garden more intriguing because at least part of the design is hidden from view, encouraging the casual visitor to explore. In a short garden, use a long, curving border cutting across the garden to make it seem longer, emphasizing the longest dimension, the diagonal.

Japanese Weeping Willow Tree – A Beautiful Garden Addition

The weeping willow, or salix babylonica, began its life in dry northern China, but spread rapidly across Asia and to other parts of the world via the Silk Road. These days, it is grown almost everywhere. It offers a sense of beauty and grace to any garden space, adds dense shade, and the wind whispers beautifully through the long, trailing branches.

Fresh Herbs – Top Ten Cooking Tips

Useful tips for cooking with herbs. They are so flavorsome, especially if you grow herbs at home – my ten favorites.

Garden Decking Introduction

Garden decking is a popular choice these days and in many situations is often the best option. It can be cheaper and easier to construct than paving, especially in a sloping site, and provides a hard, flat surface that is functional and looks good too. Decking can be tailor made to suit any garden design. Its essentially natural appearance makes it ideal for informal gardens where you can make the most of the warm tomes of the timber. Decking also looks good in a bold, contemporary garden design.

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