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How To Avoid Injuries From The Garden Fork

Struck in the face with the garden fork? Perhaps you need to be thinking about garden tool storage right now!

Doing Your Vegetable Garden

It is quite easy and cheap to start a vegetable garden as you will notice from the following steps. 1. Have a look inside your recycling bin.

The Best Way to Plant Seeds Indoors

Here you will find ideas on planting your seeds indoors using inexpensive equipment. You will also find information about finding the right size of container for your needs and how to plant the seeds properly. Discover watering techniques that will give you the best plant growth.

Ways to Control Pests

You will find some of the very best ways to control unwanted pests in your organic garden. Here you will be given ways to grow healthy plants that naturally resist pests and disease. Non toxic products can be applied to reduce garden pests and enrich soil fertility.

Importance of Orchids Watering

Almost all plants in the world needs daily watering. Water is essential to the plants’ growth. It carries nutrients and minerals that the plant needed for nourishment and further development.

Common Causes of Orchid Disease

Preventing orchid disease requires persistent attention to the condition of your plants. By recognizing the symptoms early you can prevent a curable condition from becoming fatal. Discover some of the tell-tale signs that require your immediate attention.

Steps in Doing A Vegetable Garden

It is possible and easy to make your own vegetable garden which will not cost you much if you can do it in the following stages. If you take a look at the items in the recycling bin, it will reveal a whole lot of items which can be modified to make a suitable container for a vegetable garden.

Grow Vegetables Year Round With a Propane Heater

Home gardeners fortunate to live below the frost line in Zone 10 plant, grow and harvest fresh vegetables from fully exposed, unprotected gardens in every month of the year. They still refer to their harvests as Summer and Winter crops even though the coldest nights of the year almost always stay well above freezing. Now, their Northern neighbors, all the way to Zone 5, where Winter temperatures can often plunge to -20F are reporting their great successes growing fresh vegetables year round.

Why Do Leaves Change Colour?

This time of year although our driveways are littered with leaves, you can’t help but notice the stunning displays that trees put on as the nights draw in and the winds blow harder. Brisk walks after Sunday lunches show the vivid reds, greens and yellows coming through the leaves. A question i had always asked myself was how does this actually happen?

Bedbug Prevention Techniques – A Goodnight Without a Bedbugs Bite

Going through an infestation caused by bedbugs is a nightmare. A home going through such a problem will find that these bugs are known to cause physical damage not only to the home but to the people living in the home.

Feeding Wild Birds and Preparing Them for Winter

Feeding wild birds all year long is important, but once autumn comes and it starts to get cold, you know it is time to prepare your wild bird friends for winter. Here are some tips to prepare them: Take down the hummingbird feeders…

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