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Sunlight Supply for All of Your Indoor Gardening Needs

Since everyone is angry about genetically modified organisms making their way into kitchens around the nation, more and more people are choosing to grow their very own fruits and vegetables. If you have any experience in gardening, then you know that it can be tricky and sometimes having a garden can be messy and cause a lot of stress in your life. Gardens do require an extensive amount of attention and can be very hard to maintain. If you’re planting a garden, you need to worry about all sorts of issues such as bugs, the weather, lighting around your home and even the limited amount of garden space that you have available at your home. Because of these stressors, many people are actually moving their gardens indoors. This might seem like it has a lot of its own issues, but while some issues are present with indoor gardening, you never have to worry about seasons or about invasive species or bugs getting into your food supply.

Soil Stabilization – The Rising Popularity of Hydromulch Seeding

If you have a garden in your property, and are passionate about maintaining it properly, you must have heard of hydromulch seeding. When it comes to growing grass in an effective and timely manner, there aren’t a lot of methods which are effective as hydromulching.

The Spring Lawn Calendar

Now that you have had a rest from gardening and mowing during the Winter months, it is time to prepare your lawn for the rush of Spring and Summer. There is not a great deal to do, but most of it is essential to keep your lawn looking beautiful throughout the warmer months.

Put Your Garden to Bed: Five Things to Do Now to Prepare Soil for Spring Planting

A thorough cleanup and basic soil preparation in the fall will ensure a healthy, vibrant garden in the spring. Follow these five tips to put your garden to bed this winter.

Water Plants: A Beginner’s Guide

In case you are fortunate enough to house a small lake or pond in your house, you should definitely consider planting water plants in them. They sketch an extremely beautiful look of your house, and enhance the value of your property. Apart from that, they clean the air around, and lower the temperature of your house and its environment, to quite an extent.

Living Wall Systems Offer More Benefits Than Beauty Alone

Green walls or living wall systems not only beautiful but have health benefits to the air you breathe and just make you feel better. In knowing what types of plants you pick for your living wall system will help in removing certain toxins in the air. Some ideals in the best materials to use to structure your green walls of beauty for your living space.

Planning Ahead With Raised Beds for Winter Vegetables

For some reason we’ve never quite got the hang of ensuring we have home-grown produce all year round. Although we’ve tried something usually hinders our progress. Flood damage has made our parsnips soggy, a couple of feet of snow killed off our winter turnips and the rabbits, being short of food elsewhere made short work of our cabbages.

Caring and Maintaining Your Wooden Garden Furniture

Wooden furniture is not for the faint hearted! You need to be willing to put in the effort to care for it, and keep it looking nice and new for many years to come. Below you will find a simple guide to help you keep the wooden furniture looking great.

A Colorful Fall Dream Garden

The temperature is dropping and leaves are scattered all over the garden beds. Yes, fall is here, and it’s the best time of year for all kinds of garden activities. Many say that fall is the best time to plant vegetables and herbs, but what if you want your garden to look great with colorful flowers instead of veggies and other edibles?

Southern California Fall Planting Season Begins in October

Now that fall is officially here, it’s time for Southern California gardeners to plant a new crop of vegetables and flowers and to reseed or sod lawns Remove Summer Vegetables: Tomatoes and squash often produce well into fall, but other summer vegetables will have run their course by now. No need to continue caring for them. Remove nonproducing summer plants and replace them with vegetables that thrive in fall.

Fertilizing Bonsai

All varieties of bonsai need to be fed at different times of their growing cycle. What types of fertilizer to use and at what time of year is best can be determined by a few different factors, it is important to get them right to get the maximum benefit for your tree.

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