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How to Maintain a Pet-Friendly Garden

Many people think that it is not possible to have pets and a beautiful garden; you need to choose one or the other. However, this is not necessarily true, as long as you know how to make your garden pet-friendly. Some of the common problems that pet owners experience would be their pets trampling their beautiful flower beds and seedlings and digging on dirt. These problems can easily be prevented by trying out some ideas and tactics that would allow you to grow a pretty and well manicured garden while enjoying the company of your pets.

The 7 Most Important Indoor Gardening Tips

If you enjoy gardening and would like to be growing all year round, but your climate doesn’t permit you to grow outdoors in the winter months, you can always create an indoor garden. Whether you want to grow herbs, vegetables, fruits, or all of the above, you will find these indoor garden tips to be beneficial.

Gardening for Your Kitchen: Growing for Consumption

A kitchen garden or an edible garden basically refers to a garden which is mainly made up of plants that are intended to be eaten. Although a kitchen garden can also have a couple of decorative plants here and there, a large part of the garden is dedicated for growing edible plants.

Spectacular Garden Ornaments

Everybody wants an area in their home where they can just hang around relaxing with their guests or family. You garden could be the most essential parts of a house that you all would love to have.

Gardening Gifts – Shopping Tips for the Bonsai Lover on Your List

Bonsai gardening is unlike any other kind of gardening and has specific tool, container, and potting soil needs. Surprise your favorite Bonsai Enthusiast with any of these gift suggestions.

How to Choose Herbs for Your Herb Kitchen Garden

There are thousands of different species and types of herbs, but even the biggest of herb gardens would not normally have more than 20 to 30 types. However, it’s possible to get a lot of pleasure growing herbs by choosing just 5 or 6 different herbs to grow in your garden. This article will help you to decide which types of herb you might most like to grow, and provides some tips and advice on growing herbs from seed.

A List of the Easiest Orchids to Grow

When you are unfamiliar with cultivating plants specifically orchids, so you may want to start with the simplest orchids to nurture. Yet, considering that there are many varieties of orchids, it is quite quick to get lost then result in harvesting the most difficult flowers to nurture. In case you are at such type of circumstance, the most effective action to take is look into the list below.

Get to Know About Moon Planting

Lunar planting or also referred to as moon planting is one of the oldest forms of gardening, began from old generations then continuously inherited. It has become a widespread belief that the moon position and its moving phases have great impact in gardening and planting.

Choosing an Umbrella Stand

Umbrella stands are a critical part of having a patio umbrella. There are many different types of stands to choose from and depending upon the type of patio umbrella and where you are using it will determine what type of stand you should have.

Your Simple Guide To Cymbidium Orchids And Other Orchid Varieties

Having grown orchids over many years, I offer some great information below about the many different types and varieties of orchids. An easy to follow guide about the many orchids available today and will help you decide which orchid specie is best suited to you.

How To Grow Orchids – 5 Top Tips For Getting Started

Hi I’m Andrew. Having grown orchids over many years, I offer some great information below to help you grow orchids successfully and for you to take away these tips and start growing today. Such as selecting the right orchid specie for you, how much sunlight they should get, watering requirements and more.

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