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Tulip Care – A Must For Spring Gardens

If you love to see the beautiful tulip flowers in April and May, then tulip care during the growing season in your garden is a major priority for you. You spent good money and poured your time in planting new bulbs in the fall. As spring unfolds, you want to see those yellow, red, white, pink and other tulip flowers. They are saluting you as they wave in the breeze for taking care of them. Learn how to take good care of your own tulips.

Know the Difference Between a Tulip Bulb and a Seed

Many people want to know the difference between a tulip bulb and a seed. Is there a difference between growing a tulip from a seed or from a bulb? How does a bulb differ from a seed, like a sunflower seed? Read more to find out…

Spring Garden Tip

When choosing bulbs or vegetables for a spring garden, consider both when they need to be planted as well as when you want them to appear. If you have unplanted areas in your garden a great spring project is to lay out landscape cloth on that unplanted area. Take a good look at your garden now and think about areas you need to fill in.

The Top Five Things to Consider When Buying a Storage Shed

If you’ve just made the decision to invest in a storage building, congratulations. There is, however, one important point you should know before you lock yourself in to a specific model or brand- Not all storage sheds are created equal.

How Vital is Your Backyard Bird Garden to Song Birds?

Individual bird gardens play a vital role in conserving habitats for birds. Surprisingly, song birds eagerly accept this substitution, as our backyard bird gardens become an extension of the surrounding natural habitat.

Hydroponic Gardening Information – Exactly What is Hydroponic Gardening?

Are you a plant killer? Did your tomatoes fail to produce again? If so, hydroponic gardening may be just the thing for you.

Changing Patterns in Healthy Living From Fabricated to Organic Fertilizing

Homeowners often fail to realize that harmful chemicals are a great part in what is causing increasing illnesses, such as flues, allergies, etc. Most homeowners will plant gardens, landscapes, etc and add a small garden to their home.

The Best Trees and Bushes to Attract Birds

Hearing the melodic songs of birds, seeing the bright red of a cardinal, or the quick, dipping flight of a chickadee are the things that make me say, “Yes, it is a good day”. Planting the right bushes and trees in your yard can contribute to attracting birds to your yard, and enhance your mood.

Keeping Deer Out of Your Garden

Oh, those darling little “Bambi’s”. I quickly get over the “Bambi Syndrome” when I see the deer eating the flowers and shrubs I have nurtured, and spent so much money to buy. How to keep deer out of your garden is a question that does not have one answer that will work forever.

How to Attract and Keep Hummingbirds in Your Yard

A few years ago, in the evening, in early Spring, we were sitting on our deck after having cooked out. Suddenly a red plastic cup went hurling off the deck railing. It was caused by a hummingbird diving at the red cup. That told me it was certainly time to get the hummingbird feeder out and filled.

Growing Orchids in a Hydroponic Garden

Whether you have been considering hydroponics for a while or you are a keen orchid grower and looking for something new, find out about growing orchids in a hydropoinc garden.

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