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3 Things Everyone Should Know About Composting

Composting is not very difficult but it does require a little bit of effort. A successful composting program takes a little bit of your time. But the end result is well worth it, especially if your next project is going to be organic gardening.

A Little on the Side – General Garden Care (Mulching)

In this new series of articles ‘A little on the side’ I will provide readers concise but practical tips on specific aspects of general garden care. Some items might be considered routine but your efforts will be rewarded with better performance and enduring beautiful results. Here we look at the whole area of mulching.

Quick Tips For Choosing Bonsai Pots

Choosing the correct type of pot to house your bonsai is critical. There are various things you need to consider when choosing bonsai pots. Two of the most important considerations are size and drainage. This article will discuss some things you need to consider when choosing a pot for your bonsai.

History of Greenhouses

A greenhouse is a type of structure made of transparent or translucent materials such as glass or plastic to let in sunlight and warm the air inside. Greenhouses can be temporary or permanent structures, and they can vary in size from those as large as football fields to ones that are small enough to sit on a tabletop.

Drip Irrigation – How Many Separate Taps Should You Install For Maximum Water Conservation?

The number of separate taps needed for drip irrigating the garden plants is a matter of pressure and efficient water management. In parks and large gardens, the irrigation designer will have calculated the diameter of pipe required and the number of separate stations that are needed, so that the all the drippers emit water properly.

Tips For Growing Orchids

I love orchids- they are one of the most beautiful flowers to have around, if not one of the easiest plants to cultivate. It does not need to be impossible, and I hope with a few of these handy orchid growing tips, you can improve your own collection.

Gardening Advice

Garden advice isn’t that tough to come by. In fact, you can get gardening advice from another gardener, in a gardening catalog, gardening books, gardening magazines, and even on the Internet. Although you’ll have variations with all plant, there has some gardening advice that is universal and that goes for any plant.

10 Top Orchid Growing Tips – Avoid the Common Mistakes That Others Make!

Let others make the mistakes you don’t have to if you do your homework first. Orchids are complicated to grow, not if you know what you are doing. Learning the simple facts and and orchid growing tips will put you ahead of 95% of orchid growers!

Ladybugs – A Beneficial Insect in Your Organic Garden

Ladybugs are a beneficial insect that are good to have around. Many people, especially children are attracted to ladybugs because of their color and spots. There are about five thousand different species of ladybugs, also know as lady beetles and not all of them have the same appetite.

Planting Bulbs For Colour

By the time winter arrives, the garden can look sad and tired, but with some creative planting of bulbs one can quickly restore that much needed splash of colour. Plant with care and you will be well rewarded.

A Look at Essential Bonsai Supplies

If you want to grow a bonsai, there are a few supplies you’ll need. This article will discuss some of the most important.

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