Marcy Kaptur Directly Compares GOP Tax Cuts For Rich With Child Tax Credit For Middle Class

Tips For Growing Hot Peppers – Caring and Harvesting

Pay close attention to the hot peppers as they develop from seeds to mature plants. Doing so ensures that you obtain a bountiful harvest full of the most mature, plump and hot peppers.

Alabama Jumpers – Composting and Fishing Worms

Alabama Jumpers are a composting earthworm which comes to the surface in the evening to feed. They spread their worm castings throughout the yard or garden area approximately two feet deep while aerating the soil.

What You Can Do With Chia

Chia is an annual herb; it grows up to 1 m. high. Chia has purple and white flowers. It blooms from July to August (northern hemisphere).

Herb Indoor Gardening at the Comfort of Your Home

There are some requirements in herb indoor gardening. You do not even have to renovate and redesign your place. Putting pots by the window of your kitchen will do since you only need enough sunlight to start off.

Indoor Herb Garden Kit – Perfect For Your Home Dish

Indoor gardening has been made more exciting because of the Indoor herb garden kit. This kit was found very essential and useful. Another good thing about this kit, it could be planted anytime. Upon purchase of the gardening kit, you can refer to the manual being provided.

Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Christmas is a busy time, not just with all that eating, drinking and being merry. At Christmas time there is a huge deluge of recycling to be done; all that wrapping paper, empty boxes and left over turkey – not to mention the Christmas Tree.

Using the Right Tools to Trim Trees Safely

Trimming a tree requires the application of the right tools to accomplish safely. Trees have different needs depending on their size, shape and maturity.

How to Grow Grapes in Your Backyard

Growing grapes can be such fun if done the right way. So what is the right way of growing luscious grapes whether it be for fruit, wine or drying?

An Herb Pot Is Great For Indoor Gardening

Herbs are renowned worldwide for an extensive range of uses. Even during the biblical period, herbs were regarded as wonder plant by many.

How to Choose the Best Path For Your Garden

Many people walk up and down their garden paths without paying much attention to them – unless they notice a wobbly slab or weeds growing through the cracks. If your paths are past their best, or no longer suit the way you use your garden, why not consider some new ones?

Tuberous Root Bulb in the Container Garden

There are a few bulb species that have tuberous roots and that may die back completely in winter, coming into life again in the warmer spring weather. This bulb is one the most beautiful, and although it is tuberous, it remains evergreen throughout the winter. Its foliage is softly hairy, giving it a grey green appearance that complements the simple wine colored flowers, with their dark purple stripes, which are borne from midsummer through to mid autumn.

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