Marsha Blackburn Rips Social Media Effect On Children: ‘How Long Are We Going To Let This Continue?’

Metal Patio Furniture – How to Make it Last You a Lifetime

If you are like me, you will want to make your investment in metal patio furniture last a lifetime. That is possible, even if you leave it outside all year round, provided you follow a few simple rules.

Orchids Repotting – Find Out Why Your Plant Needs It

Educate yourself on why you should do orchids repotting. Learn and read about when you should repot your orchids, and why it is important.

‘Drift’ Miniature Roses Are Real Showstoppers in Small Gardens

Over the past few years the latest sensation in growing roses is the Knock Out Family of Roses. More recently the same rose breeders introduced the Drift Family of miniature roses -the newest rose and ideal for small gardens. These beautiful roses are tough, disease resistant, winter hardy, and basically maintenance-free. They bloom continuously from spring until frost and are described as a cross between full-sized ground cover roses and miniature roses.

A Bird Statue Will Not Fly Away

A bird statue can remind us of the thrill of anticipating the many colorful varieties. The flight of the bird species, their colors, the migrational patterns and their songs keep us awe-inspiring. A bird statue often reflects our enjoyment of co-existing with one of the earth’s most favored animals. They need no nesting, no feeding, no bathing and won’t fly away just as you remember it’s name.

Orchid Care Tips For Beginners

How are your orchids growing? I hope it is doing well because if it is then you are probably on the right lines. If you are struggling a bit then you need to think about knowing a bit more about orchid care. Once you have mastered the basics then you will be in a much better position and feel more relaxed about it.

How Much Water Do Your Orchids Need?

Orchids can live in both humid and cold areas. However, each kind of orchid has its distinct needs to stay healthy and to produce beautiful flowers. Generally, orchids do not need too much water but they definitely require the right kind and amount of sunlight.

Windowsill Herb Garden Growing Tips

Know the most effective ways on how to grow your very own windowsill herb garden and become a good grower yourself. Learning to become a responsible herb planter is also very important so that you can grow your herbs successfully.

Growing Dwarf Fruit Trees – Why You Should Choose Them?

Many people hesitate growing fruits because they lack of space and also don’t have time. However, there are more convenient and easier ways to grow fruit trees.

3 Important Things You Must Do For Optimum Orchid Health

You’ve found a beautiful orchid at the store and brought it home. But now it’s looking droopy and one of your other orchids appears to be a little sick. Do you know why? What has happened? What three things must you always do in order to ensure your orchids have optimum health?

10 Steps to a Simple No Dig Garden

Here’s a quick way to build a simple box-type no dig garden if you have a poor site and are keen to get planting right away. You could have all the necessary materials available at home.

Orchid Growing Lights – Setting Up Your Orchid Growing Area

The majority of the most beautiful exotic orchid species originate from tropical and subtropical regions of the earth. They generally thrive in hot, oppressive, high humidity climates such as; Southeast Asia, New Guinea, Australia and Polynesia. Their natural habitat is usually found within a tropical rainforest where although, they are shaded from direct sunlight by the tree canopy of the forest, the light intensity is quite bright.

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