McCarthy Endorses Parents’ Bill Of Rights To Combat CRT Being Taught In School After Youngkin Wins

What to Look For in a Compost Container

In order to help the environment, keep your garden or yard beautiful, and to make use of waste materials around your home, you should explore composting. Composting is a wonderful way to accomplish all of these by making you own natural fertilizer.

Vegetable Gardening – Succession Cropping

Your early spring vegetables are coming to a completion and are about ready to be picked leaving you with an empty space; in steps succession cropping. Find out what succession cropping is and how to take advantage of that space.

How to Save Money in the Backyard This Summer

Most people with a yard or small garden want the area to be as pleasant and lovely as possible. Of course this is not available for free, and anyone who aims to make their backyard beautiful is going to have to spend some money. Now, in the modern economy, that is not such an appealing thought, and many people want to find ways to save money but still enjoy their yard and garden spaces. There are many good answers to such a dilemma, and most of them begin with the sun.

The New Crop of Plastic Greenhouses Makes Organic Gardening Affordable

Dreaming of raising glorious bumper crops of organic tomatoes and micro greens, strawberries and sweet peas, but think that the extravagant expense of a greenhouse makes it nothing more than an impossible dream? Think again.

Phalaenopsis Orchids – Six Survival Tips For Gorgeous Blooms

Phalaenopsis(AKA moth orchids) are among the easiest and most rewarding orchids to grow and make a great ‘first’ orchid. If you can grow and re-bloom a phalaenopsis, you’ll be ready to try other types of orchids. If you’re just starting out with phalaenopsis orchids here are our top five survival tips to keel your plants happy…

What’s Eating Your Tomatoes – A Guide to Common Pests

Has something been in your garden, chewing on your tomatoes? Here are three common signs of insect damage and the pests that cause them.

A Simple Compost Program

Composting is the process of recycling the products that would normally be headed for a landfill. Instead you are going to use these products as composting material.

Companion Planting – Planting Tips For Organic Gardening

Did you know that you can grow marigolds near your tomatoes to protect them from nematodes, and that having dandelions around are a good thing. Are you planting beans and garlic together, or beans and beets and you are wondering why your beans aren’t doing well? Read more on the subject of companion planting and how you can use plants to bring out the best in your garden.

The Agave American is a Desert Plant With Many Medicinal and Cooking Uses

The Agave Americana is commonly known as the Century plant and American aloe. The Century plant has no stem. The leaves grow up to six feet long and ten inches wide, and have sharp spines on its tips and margins. The spines can grow more than an inch long. The plant grows naturally in the desert areas of Mexico.

Choosing the Right Perennial Grass

When people hear the word think plants, they usually think beautiful flowers, or sturdy trees. It’s only natural to do so, as they are the plants that call our attention the most. However, people who work with plants and gardens know that there are other plants that are as important, but that usually go unnoticed. One of the most common types of plant that we never pay attention to unless we have to take care of it is grass. In a way, it’s funny that one of the most used and common types of plants passes unnoticed by most people.

This Summer’s 3 Must-Have Products For Your Garden

This is a review of what we feel to be this years must have products for your garden, a perfect trio of items which compliment each other. A perfect barbeque, a fantastic chaise lounge and a bug killer, so you can entertain and rest in the garden untroubled by airborne pests.

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