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Here’s Some Simple Advice For Growing a Organic Garden

Ensuring fertile soil starts with the fertilizer. Organic gardening will require a larger amount of fertilizer than that of chemical methods, but with the organic ferilizer, there is no chance of burning the plants. Compost is an excellent form of organic fertilizer.

More on Geraniums

After a hot, sunny day, let the plants, in addition to the water at the roots, have a gentle syringing. Exercise discretion, however, on this point. The geranium is a spring and summer blooming plant. It is very difficult to obtain a flower from December to April; therefore, during the winter it should be kept cool, and moderately dry.

The Geranium

If the plants grow too tall, pinch out the top; all the axillary buds will then break into lateral branches. Again, if the side branches become too close, prune them out fearlessly. The geranium breaks easily, and you need never be afraid of killing the plant, even if you prune it down to a bare stump.

Wooden Garden Arbors

Do you have a garden which leaves little to the imagination? No focal point, nowhere for climbing plants? Not even a change of level? A Garden Arbor can help.

10 Ways to Conserve Soil – Preventing Soil Erosion

With pollution, threat of global warming and the newfound green kick, people are looking into ways of keeping our planet sound. One good way to do this is soil conservation.

Planting Avocado Seed – The Many Beneficial Uses of Avocados

Planting avocado seed directly into rich, fertile soil is another great way to begin. Like other plants, avocado roots need plenty of oxygen, so your seed might actually grow better in soil. As with water, make sure to plant your seed base down. The top of the seed should peek out just above the surface.

How To Pick The Right Type Of Garden For You

Overwhelmed by many different kinds of gardens that you can choose? Not sure how to tell which type of garden is the best kind for you? Don’t get stressed out over it. Sit down with a notebook and a pen and think about some of these factors that will help you determine what type of garden is the best fit for you

How to Ensure Success With Vegetable Container Gardening

Vegetable container gardening is a fun activity with possibly tasty results. Review some common points to help you along the way.

Planting Avocado Seed – How to Grow the Perfect Avocado

Once you know how easy it is to go about planting avocado seed, you’ll start growing your own indoor avocado plant that will bring you years of enjoyment, and some nice fruit, too! Just follow these simple steps, and soon, you’ll see your avocado seed begin to sprout and turn into a beautiful plant.

Where Are You on the Map? The Gardening Zone Map That Is

Do you inspire to have a green thumb? Or do you already know a lot about planting and gardening but want to broaden your horizons with new and more exotic flowers and vegetables? Well either way you are going to need to know a little bit about a little map we like to call the gardening zone map.

How to Replant a Grape Vine

Because so many grape growers ask this question, I though it would be a good idea to write this article as part of the “New To Growing Grapes” series of posts on my blog. The reason why so many new grape growers replant their grape vines, is poor planning, incorrect soil preparation and choosing the incorrect site or spot to plant their grape vines. Choosing the correct site location for your vineyard, is one of the most important choices you as a new grape grower have to make as this will be the future home for your …

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