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Organic Vegetable Gardening Promotes and Enhances Natural Diversity

Since spring is just around the corner, he made an even better time to get started on your own garden of fruits and vegetables. However, if you’ve never raised your own you may wonder where to start and worry that gardening could be bad for the environment.

A Kitchen Herb Garden is Easy and Enjoyable

Ah, the flavor and aroma of garden fresh herbs. Biting into your food and having your taste buds tingling with enjoyment is an event to be savored. Sure, dried herbs can be more convenient sometimes; however they lack the essential oils of fresh herbs that make flavors come alive. For the sake of your taste buds, why not grow a kitchen herb garden. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, herbs are effortless to cultivate in the house and all you need to get going are some pots, soil, plant food and a little water, daylight and maintenance.

Garden Composter – How Long to Make Compost?

So you’re a garden composter. You’ve learned how to make compost. You’ve made, bought, borrowed or stolen a compost bin.

Beehive Compost Bin – What to Look For

Not all beehive compost bins are the same. When buying such a wooden garden composter make sure you know exactly what you will be getting. This is particularly important when purchasing online.

Garden Composter – How to Choose?

There are so many ways of garden composting and so many different sorts of garden compost bin available how do you choose what kind of garden composter to use? Obviously the choice is a very personal one, dictated by budget, style and how quickly you hope to be making garden compost. We’ll have a look at those you can buy and those which are free, to help you decide which option to go for.

Garden Composting – More Bins Please!

The only trouble with garden composting is that you spend all that time researching the perfect garden composter only to find that that once you start you need another one. It really doesn’t matter whether you’re buying or making your garden compost bin – you will always eventually want another one to go with it! Really two bins is the absolute minimum needed by any gardener.

Let Bugs Do the Work! How Good Bugs Can Help Your Garden to Thrive

You’ve worked the soil, sprouted the seeds, carefully chosen your plants, watered faithfully, and finally your plants are growing and you can almost taste that fresh tomato or crunchy cucumber. But something else is eating your veggies before you get the chance. After all your hard work, those nasty bugs are having a feast at your expense. But you don’t have to douse your garden with harmful chemicals to safeguard your future salad. Let bugs do the work for you! Learn which insects are actually good for your garden, and how to attract them.

How to Garden With Black Walnuts

Walnut trees are difficult to incorporate into a garden, but with careful planning you can lessen the effects of juglone in your soil. If you do, hopefully you can grow a healthy and prolific garden despite the presence of a black walnut.

No Garden? – Become a Bokashi Kitchen Composter

I know I am very lucky. We have loads of outside space so can set up huge compost heaps without it affecting how much space we have to garden or entertain. But lots of folks have smaller outside spaces to work with.

Garden Composter – Free Compost Accelerator

We add poultry manure to the compost heap every week when we clean out the chicken coop. Plus, we have a dry compost toilet which is manually emptied onto the compost heaps every few days. That means we get lots of nitrogen and bacteria that like to break down organic matter added regularly, throughout our compost piles.

Compost Tea – Use Your Garden Composter to Make Organic Liquid Feed

We never use ordinary commercial fertilizers because they are so harmful to the environment. I much prefer to use green or eco plant feeds. They work well, especially for plants which have had some kind of set back such as disease or a change in the weather.

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