Nancy Pelosi Warns Of ‘Catastrophe’ If GOP Succeeds In Forcing US Default

Are We Starving the Bees?

Are we unknowingly starving the pollinators and our precious ecosystem too? Are we unaware that each time we plant another one of those perfect looking, unsustainable hybrid plants that we are actually hammering another nail in their coffin… and ours too? Like fast food chains, hybrid plants and flowers have slowly popped up everywhere and are in everyplace; and just like the nutritionists and doctors who voice concerns about the overall health effects on their fast food patrons, so too are ecologists, scientists and gardeners voicing concerns about the overall health effects from hybrid plants on their patrons: the pollinators, who rely on them for proper nutrition as we rely on healthy pollinators for the overall quality of health of our ecosystem.

Prepare for Spring Planting: Seven Tips for Conditioning Your Garden’s Depleted Soil

Learn how to prepare your garden’s soil for the upcoming planting season. You’ll find that a little prep work now will ensure the health and vitality of your plants for months to come.

The Surprising Benefits Of Planting A Garden

Want to help change the world while improving your health? How about planting a garden? Find out why this holistic doctor so heartily advocates planting a garden this spring.

Simple and Easy Landscaping Ideas

If you have decided to landscape your property but don’t know where to start, then we have some great landscaping ideas for you to consider. We have identified several possible features for you to analyze that will help you in designing your landscaping plan. A do-it-yourself project will save you a considerable amount of money as well as giving you the personal satisfaction of a job well done.

Best Hydroponic Nutrients: What Is NPK?

NPK is the ratio of the levels of Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K) in hydroponic nutrients. Take note that NPK is essential in selecting the right hydroponic nutrient for the right stage of growth displayed by your plants.

Basics of Home and Garden Decor

In our age of instant information, what is on television is a good barometer of what people are thinking about. With several programs scattered throughout both cable and satellite TV regarding domicile improvement and overall decor, it is obvious that home and garden decorating is on a lot of minds.

Homemade Garden Row Markers Are an Easy and Economical Choice

With spring approaching it is a great time to think about one very popular use for the stirrers -that of a garden row marker. For planters, it is always good policy to somehow mark or label a new planting. Whether we’re considering a row of newly sown seeds or new spring nursery plants -if it is not identified, chances are good you will be puzzled at some point trying to figure out what you planted.

How To Create Small Gardens

Some tips and hints on how to create a visually pleasing small garden. What elements and features to use in a small garden.

How to Create Small Vegetable Gardens

How to create small vegetable gardens in small spaces, even as small as a balcony by using growing bags, pots, and hanging baskets. What vegetables you can grow in small places and what is the best method in doing so.

Crape Myrtle Are Murdered Each Year?

Crape Myrtles are easy to grow and requires low maintenance. They grow in Zones 7 – 9 (Zone 7 – 0 to10 degrees for the low temperature, (Zone 8 -10 to 20 degrees and Zone 9 – 20 – 30 degrees).

Hedge Maintenance and Care Tips

A detailed guide on hedge maintenance. Find out the different types of hedges and the correct ways to main them.

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