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Plants That Are Easy to Maintain

How many times have we all seen some gorgeous plants and feel we can grow those easily? Many times we have been able to see a nice plants but may or may not realize they are a little too much for us to grow. This is why it is so important to try and find plants we can grow and are easy maintain.

Gardening During the Rainy Season

Most people just love the beautiful colors of fall because they add so much to our lawn. Fall is a time of year when everything is changing and it’s a great idea to take the chance to plant some of the lovely plants in your lawn or garden.

Greenhouses Are the Answer For Hobby Gardening

Greenhouses are all the rage today, but they don’t fit in everyone’s budget. Perhaps full-fledged greenhouses are simply not the answer for some people. Money may not be the only criterion – space constraints could be the reason, too.

How to Fertilize Trees in Your Herb Garden

With plant food – as with people food – moderation is the key. Fruit trees need nitrogen to bear good crops, but too much nitrogen makes them grow too many leaves at the expense of flowers and fruit. Fish emulsion is an excellent source of nitrogen for fruit trees.

Italian Herb Garden Makes a Flavorful Meal

The addition of garden-fresh Italian herbs to your meal can make a real difference in the flavor. When you consider which herbs to grow, there are a few key steps you can take to ensure you get the most out of your herbs.

Creating Your Very Own English Herb Garden

To create your Very Own English Herb Garden, you must first take a look at the two types of English Herb Gardens that you can create. The simpler of the two is the Cottage Herb Garden.

Creating Your Very Own French Herb Garden

The French have a very unique gardening style that is very luminous and highly distinguished. To create a French Herb Garden you will need to capture the contemporary feel that the French are renowned for in their Gardening.

Companion Planting – An Introduction

What is companion planting and why do people do it? Companion planting is a system of growing crops near to each other as they benefit each other during the growing cycle. Many gardeners use companion planting, whether it is flowers or vegetables they are growing and it is a system that is particularly popular with organic gardeners who wish to remove the use of chemicals and pesticides from their gardening practices.

Helpful Tips to Growing Herbs in Pots

A potted herb garden is a practical alternative to many especially if you live in an area that has more radical seasonal change. Herbs that are grown in pots have the advantage to be transported easily from outside to indoors when necessary. You can grow herbs all year eliminating all problems caused by varying outside weather and enjoy fresh herbs at all time.

Different Types of Lawn

Have you ever thought about the differences between different types of lawns? There are many types of grassed area from bowling greens to football pitches, to family lawns and wild meadows.

Basics of a Thyme Herb Garden

If you’re always using thyme in your kitchen, why not make the herb more accessible to you by building a thyme herb garden? Learn how thyme can thrive in your space.

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