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Is Hydroponics Better Than Soil?

First off, let me give you a definition of hydroponics: Hydroponics is the science of growing plants without soil, most often in a soil-less mix. That is a pretty general explanation of what hydroponics is, but that does truly cover the basis for what makes it hydroponics.

Many Reasons to Be Conscious of High Pollen Flowers

People all over the world, especially in Canada, have many reasons to be conscious of high pollen flowers that add to their allergy suffering when the temperatures outside begin to rise. Warmer weather means additional allergens and moulds brought on by pollen circulating in the air which comes from flowering plants, trees and shrubs.

A Guide to Growing Roses in Pots

Growing roses in pots is a great alternative for those with little space to spare. Contrary to popular belief, roses in pots do thrive in their cramped settings if the right amount of care is given right from the planting stage.

Taking Care of Your Own Easter Lily

The Easter lily also known as Lilium longiflorum has its origination in the southern islands of Japan. These days it’s used for everything from weddings to parties.

Integrating Calla Lily Centerpieces Into Your Event Planning

When planning an event there are a lot of things that need to be considered besides the calla lily centerpieces. The number of details involved can be overwhelming to say the least. The best way to approach this type of project is to start out organized.

Silk Calla Lilies Are Just As Beautiful As the Real Thing and Last Forever

When considering flowers for decoration, many choose silk calla lilies in place of fresh flowers. While fresh flowers are wonderful they have a definite negative aspect to them, that being shelf life.

Calla Lily Pictures Bring the Beauty of the Flowers to You

There are a number of ways to locate calla lilies pictures. You can find many options for pictures on the internet. You can purchase them in full or you can simply buy the rights to use them.

Killing Weeds

Isolated weeds can be removed with an old kitchen knife or treated using a spot weed killer. You may need to treat areas of established perennial weeds several times to kill them completely. When the problem is more widespread, we need to use an overall lawn treatment.

Vintage Roses From the Old Garden Rose Collection

The Old Garden Rose is a much sought after variety of garden roses. Hybridization of these has gone on for centuries and we now have a wide array to choose from. The advantages of planting old garden roses are many.

The Awe-Inspiring Pink Garden Rose

Although the Red Rose seems to be the darling of enthusiasts, it is actually the pink garden rose that walks away with the accolades. Wild Varieties (the Species Rose) and the original old gardens like the Hybrid Perpetuals, Centifolia, and Bourbons are mostly pink in color.

Caring For Your Knock Out Roses

Creating a conducive environment for the health of your knock out roses extends the life and enjoyment of your rose bushes. Careful planning and maintenance contributes to the quality of your landscape.

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