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Garden Design – Spacing Your Planting

How to space your plants in a mixed planting bed requires good judgement and some knowledge of plant growth and form. The ultimate goal is to ensure they don’t stand-alone from one another like individual ornaments, or overcrowd the bed and spread into the adjoining plants ‘growth zone’.

Composting Myths – Does Your Compost Really Have to Smell Out the Neighbourhood?

It’s almost as though there is a conspiracy to prevent gardeners from making their own compost. The myths that surround this rather enjoyable activity are everywhere and are just that – myths. It’s time they were debunked!

Teak Window Box Planters

Teak window box planters are virtually weather resistant, due to the natural oils that occur in teak. These oils also make teak planters termite and pest resistant, as well as giving the wood a natural sheen.

Enrich Your Outdoor Space With a Deck or Gazebo

If you love to visit parks because of the tranquil and comfortable experience that they offer, you may want to consider how you can change your backyard. Many people don’t realize just how much they can improve their outdoor experience with the addition of some structures that can be built with relative ease by professionals. No matter the space of your outdoor area, you may be able to add some structures and some character that will give you that peace and tranquility at home.

How the Input of a Landscape Gardener Can Dramatically Change Your Garden

Although it might seem like an unecessary expense, getting a landscape gardener to do your garden for you can dramatically change how it looks as well as how you use it. With their experience of knowledge of “what works” your garden will be totally transformed and create a great first impression as well as give you years of joy.

5 Tips for Choosing a DIY Hydroponics Project

Choosing the right DIY hydroponics project for you is important if you hope to be successful. Here are 5 tips to consider when choosing the right one for you.

Making New Garden Beds Using Topsoil

One of my favourite garden tasks is creating new garden beds. There’s something very hopeful about it, and somehow, thinking about all the new plants that I’m going to buy makes all the hard work easier!

Improving the Topsoil in Your Garden

When you start gardening a new patch of soil, whether it be a new allotment or a new garden, it’s always interesting. What will grow well or not? Will the soil be easy to work? Well, you can give yourself a head start by doing a bit of soil analysis and improvement before you plant.

Looking After Your Lawn Turf in Drought

Global warming certainly seems to be changing the climate, even if nobody’s quite sure exactly how. What seems certain is that we are experiencing more extreme weather events: the drought periods are longer, as are the periods of heavy rainfall or cold weather. And this means we need to start changing the way that we garden. So does this mean the death of lawns?

How to Lay Beautiful Lawn Turf

It’s best to lay a new lawn in mid-autumn, although it can be done any time until late winter, as long as the soil is not too frosty or wet. At that time of year, lawns grow relatively slowly, so you can give it time to establish before you have to mow it.

Greener With Scenery

Your home is your pride. And of course, you want to make your home look lovely and beautiful. Let’s take this in another way. “Your garden absolutely explodes with colour and life! I’m green with envy.” Wouldn’t you love others say this to your home’s garden?

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