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How To Start Seeds Indoors

Even a rocket scientist can start seeds indoors and may need such a hobby for relaxation from his regular duties or just have food to eat. The following list simplifies the chores involved with starting seeds and getting plants ready for your spring garden.

DIY Hydroponics and Strawberries

Why hydroponic strawberries grow so well. Usually strawberry plants are grown with their root systems suspended and this is when the nutrient infused water is passed over them. In essence the water is just a replacement for soil which in soil growing is what holds the nutrients that the plants needs.

Container Herb Gardens Made Easy

Contemplating your own container herb garden? Planting a collection of pots with fragrant herbs to snip and enjoy all season is a great idea!

Winter Garden Jobs in the Tool Shed

On a cold winter January day what better job than opening up the tool shed and taking stock of your garden tools. Look at what may need replacing and think about those tools you might like to buy for the coming season. If we are all honest with ourselves, how many of us gardeners really make enough time to look after our garden tools, clean, mend and sharpen them? After a hard day in the garden it is much easier to put them back in the shed and forget about them until we next need to use them. But a clean, sharp tool not only works better but makes life easier for you! After all, if you try and cut bread with the blunt end of the knife you aren’t going to get very far! So here is a short guide to cleaning and maintaining your tools.

All About Hydroponic Organic Gardening

Hydroponics gardening is a technique in which plants are grown in a soilless medium with the help of water and nutrients. This indicates that plants can be grown indoors inexpensively, regardless of season or climate and you can have more growing cycles per year due to a faster growth rate. This prolific technique of gardening has emerged as one of the best alternatives to land farming.

Bird Feeders and Attracting the Beautiful Birds That Come With Them

If you are looking for decking ideas to take your garden to the next level, a bird feeder could be just the thing you need. A bird feeder is a table or platform that you put bird food on, usually in a home gardening environment. Using bird feeders can inspire great landscaping ideas for gardens, and ultimately turn your garden into a home for any wild birds passing through your neighborhood.

How to Give Your Garden the Wow Factor In a Small Yard

Most people would love to have a garden around their home. But few people have a large amount of space to design a big garden. That’s where coming up with creative landscaping ideas for gardens comes into play.

Growing Herbs From Seeds for Good Health and Great Tasting Food

I love growing herbs from seed. With a window sill and some sun, you can grow pretty much any type of herb year round, almost anywhere in the world. My favorite to grow for its wonderful aroma, is basil, but I love the taste of fresh rosemary on chicken. Herbs are easy to grow and maintain and the best part, many are healthy for you. Growing herbs at home is like growing medicine that makes your food taste better. Something that cough syrup won’t do.

Picking The Right Fruit Tree For Your Garden

How to decide what fruit tree to plant in your garden. Advice to help the decision making process to pick the right fruit tree for your garden.

The English Educate America On Herbs, Circa 1912

How a book, “Culinary Herbs”, published in 1912 taught Americans the value of herbs. Americans learned how to grow tasty, healthy seasoning ingredients in their backyards.

How to Make and Maintain a Bog Garden

There are a number of reasons why you might want to create a bog garden. If you have children and are worried about the depth of water in a pond, a bog garden is a good shallow alternative. If you have a redundant or leaking pond, you can easily turn this into a bog garden. And, if you have a naturally waterlogged area in your garden the answer may lie in making a wetland garden. You can also add a boggy area on to the edge of an existing pond. A bog garden will not only provide an opportunity to grow a different and attractive set of plants in your garden, it will also attract an abundance of wildlife. Here are a few tips on how to go about creating one and which plants to choose.

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