Raul Ruiz Speaks About Dangerous Toxic Burn Pits And Effects On Military Vets And Families

Drip Irrigation – A More Harvest To Your Onion

In tropical countries like the Philippines, the traditional way of growing bulb onions is without irrigation. But with the advent of low priced onion from nearby China, the traditional way of growing onions is no longer as competitive and profitable as it was. Hence, the farmers has to adopt new methods on how to increase their produce but with less production cost in order to compete with the prevailing market price.

Guide to Growing Chilli Peppers

Contrary to popular belief it is relatively easy to successfully grow chillies, even in the relatively tepid climates of Northern Europe or North America. No special equipment is required and they can be treated in much the same way as a gardener would treat tomato plants.

The City Farmer – Changing the Mentality of Dirt, Rain and Sun

To learn how to save energy within the food system, the public would need to learn more about the natural sciences and about practical techniques of small-scale food production. Ideally, I believe that simply by changing from suit to jeans, digging up a bit of lawn, and planting vegetable seeds, the city person will begin asking questions about his environment and about his urban behavior and thinking patterns. To most city people soil is simply mud or dirt, not a substance in which food is born.

Funny Gardening Stories

You might not think it, but gardening can be an exciting adventure. No, it’s true. Really, it is. I can tell you the funniest stories about things that have happened to me in my garden.

Pest Control – What You Can Do About The Citrus Leaf Miner In Your Garden

A common pest amongst many species and varieties of citrus trees is the moth called the citrus leaf miner. (Phyllocnistis citrella) Known for years in the citrus-growing regions of south-east Asia, this particular leaf miner has spread over the last 30 years or so to many other parts of the world, including the Americas and the Middle East. This leaf miner is a moth which as its name implies, only affects citrus trees.

Beginner Flower Gardening Tips

Would you like to have a green thumb but are afraid yours may be black? Perhaps you tried to plant a flower garden and where less then thrilled with how it turned out? The following tips will help those that have little experience in flower gardening to grow a garden that they will be delighted with and enjoy showing off.

Weed Control – The Worst Garden Weeds And How To Deal With Them

Getting rid of weeds is a part and parcel of the gardening schedule. There are some weeds though that are so vigorous, that special attention is needed to deal with them.

The Benefits of Using a White Heavy Duty Tarp

In the building and construction business, it is all-too important to have quality equipment and materials. Having things that rip and tear and just won’t hold up to the elements will never do; having quality materials can be the difference between a successful project and serious problems. Tarps are an integral supply for the building and construction businesses.

Bamboo – Propagating It As Vegetable

The fresh bamboo shoots can be canned and preserved it in brine for export. In its nutritional aspect, crude fat, crude fiber content and carbohydrates of bamboo shoot are low and that makes it an ideal vegetable for people wanting to reduce weight.

Potato Farming Patio Style

The potato is one of the most versatile vegetables you can put on your plate. You can mash them, dice them, and slice them. Did you know you can even grow them?

Garden Soil – What You Should Never Do When Importing Soil Into the Garden

Bringing in garden soil from an unknown source could ruin your garden. Remember that cheap is dear!

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