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Home Gardening Tutorials

Home gardening has been a passion for many of us. Its benefit is immense not only for good health but also for mental satisfaction and pleasure. The beauty and fragrance of fresh flora and vegetation are refreshing for your breath and soothing for your eyes.

Seed Storage – How Should You Store Seed For Next Season

Seeds are the source of origination for the plants. You can regrow plants with the seeds, provided if you have kept them well. All home gardeners and market gardeners make an endeavor for finding better ways of seed storage, because the produce for the next season depends on the health of the stored seed. So it is wise to get helpful knowledge about storing seeds for next season.

Seed Storage – How to Save Vegetable Seeds for Next Season

Planting vegetables and having a kitchen garden is a very good hobby that keeps you busy in constructive activity and at the same time saves your money by providing you and your family with fresh and healthy vegetables. Here is some important information about seed storage for next season One thing is for sure that nothing in this world is useless and same is the case with vegetables. When we see vegetable too big in size and mature we discard it because they would not have good taste.

Nurturing Your Bonzai Plant

The bonzai plant is not a special variety or specimen as most people would like to think. It is nothing but an art of cultivating a tree and does not refer to the type of tree that one can grow. Bonsai techniques are used to cultivate any tree and scale it down to a miniature and this is what is effectively known as the bonzai plant, because of the way it is handled, for reducing the size.

Over Wintering Herbs

Summer is the usual time for harvesting herbs, but the normal growing season can be extended by covering selected plants with cloches in early autumn to keep them growing for a few more weeks. To get year round supplies of herbs, you can lift and pot up a few plants of perennial herbs, such as mint and marjoram, in autumn and move them indoors where they will sprout new leaves. You can also maintain a supply of annual herbs, such as basil and parsley, by sowing in late summer in pots and keeping plants on a sunny windowsill or in a heated greenhouse or conservatory.

Want To Know How To Grow Wheatgrass At Home?

This article contains information on how to grow wheatgrass at home. It includes easy-to-follow guidelines.

Harvesting And Storing Herbs

Herbs need to be picked regularly to maintain a continuous supply of fresh, young leaves. If you want to store herbs for winter use, however, you should make sure that you harvest them at their best. The best time to harvest herbs for later use varies depending on the part of the plant you are harvesting. Large leaves should be picked individually, but smaller leaved herbs can be picked in sprigs and stripped before processing. Most herbs are best harvested in early summer, just before they come into flower, although leafy herbs, such as mint, are best cut back to near ground level to encourage a second flush of young, aromatic leaves later in season.

Daylily, My Favorite Flower

We who are captivated by the flowers of daylilies may wonder why it is important to know about the daylily plant. A knowledge of the overall plant characteristics will help gardeners in hybridizing, cultivating, and acquiring daylilies and well deepen their appreciation of the flowers. Understanding the total plant, therefore flowers, foliage, and roots, can greatly increase overall enjoyment of daylilies.

More on Orchid Propagation

The recent wide propagation of the orchids occurred when it was brought to the attention of the world the fact that these plants can grow under any condition subject to certain care. Today orchid propagation is initiated by many orchid growers even in the natural home setting. One of the popular ways for orchid propagation is through the technique of division.

10 Herbs You Should Include in Your Garden

A small border or bed can provide a surprisingly good selection of herbs. First you need to choose what type of herb garden you want. I always think it’s useful not only to have a herb garden that looks good, but also one that you can eat!

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The Toro Model 51599 is friendlier to the environment, friendlier to your health, better for your temper (OK that might just be me) and can be kinder to your wallet. I’m going to tell you how, and show you how to find a cheaper deal than the recommended price!

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