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What is Soil?

What is soil and where does it come from? This article explores the origins of one of life’s great building blocks and how it can be applicable to you.

Aloe Vera Care Made Easy

Aloe Vera is an herb that is very popular for its various health benefits as a multi-purpose medicinal plant with many beneficial properties. It can be used to treat skin ailments, cuts and eczema.

Sustainable Gardening Tips

You might wonder what a sustainable garden is, simply put, it’s a garden that works in harmony with nature. There are many techniques that can improve the health of your garden and minimize any negative impact on the environment. You can gain many benefits from a sustainable garden.

Roses and Their Color Meaning

Roses can be the traditional gift given on Valentines Day, but they are decidedly well received any day of the year. Buyer beware before you buy roses, know what example you are sending in the color.

Beginners’ Gardening Tips

If you are considering planting you own garden you should start with a plan. You need to consider where the best location to start is and this should be a place where there’s plenty of drainage, no nearby trees and a place that gets at least six hours of direct sunlight a day. When you have decided your location, you should sketch a simple plan for where you want to put your plants and any other ideas you have.

Organic Gardening – Guide For Beginners

You may wonder what organic gardening really is. In relation to desert gardening, organic means food or food products, or fertilizers used to grow them that are free from artificially manufactured agricultural chemicals. Organic gardening is the same as regular gardening except that no pesticides or fertilizers are used.

The Benefits of Rose Shrubs

Although some have the ability to raise quite large, there are shrub roses smaller than four feet. Lots of people love to use these shrubs for barriers in addition to for cosmetic purposes.

Sturdy Lean-To Greenhouses

Lean-to greenhouses sit up against flat walls for stability. They are not prone to toppling over and feature a sturdy metal frame. Access is provided through a sliding door on the side.

Seven Greatest Reasons to Grow Herbs

Here are the top seven reasons why it is beneficial for everybody to grow their own herb garden. The reasons range from “herbs are easy to grow”, to “herbs have great nutritional value”.

Versatile Container-Planting

With the changing trends in living and employment, more and more people have to move from one place to another either when they are changing their residences or are changing their jobs. What happens is in this process, is that many a times they have to leave their dear plants behind, on whom they had spent a major part of their time in taking care and grooming them.

Identifying Soil Requirements

Different type of soil is required for different shrubs and trees. Depending on the type of tree, you will have to accordingly decide the type of soils it needs.

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