State Department Provides Update On Conflict In Ethiopia As Tigray Forces Approach Capital

Attracting Butterflies Through Effective Butterfly Garden Landscaping

Effective butterfly garden landscaping will reward the gardener with a beautiful view of these lovely creatures. But more importantly, they provide these creatures a chance to survive and enjoy life of their own.

The Art of English Garden Landscaping

Each garden designer has his or her own signature style of landscaping the area. Depending on preference and style, the garden may either have a complex design with an obviously manicured landscape. Or, the garden’s design may have a wild, natural look.

How to Make an Organic Garden

Every spring, whether northern or southern hemisphere, many people begin to think about gardening. Some have been gardening every year since they were old enough to help in the family garden back of the house. Others have begun gardening only recently. Most have questions, though.

Great Looking Desert Evergeen Shrubs

A list and descriptions of dependable southwestern type evergreens.

What Type Of Lawn And Garden Tools Do I Need To Take Care Of My Yard

It does not matter whether you are taking care of a huge lawn or a small one you need the right tools to get the job done. Without the right lawn tools you are spinning your wheels so to speak and a small simple job can turn into a major ordeal.

Adirondack Chair Sets – Just in time for Spring

We can now see a little green poking up from under the dreary ground. It is almost Spring. It is time for all to bring life back into their yards, patios, and porches. Soon the flowers will be in full bloom and you will want to enjoy them, right?

Sharpening Lawnmower Blades

The blades of your lawnmower work very hard to help you achieve a neat looking lawn. With a bit of careful maintenance you can ensure that they give you years of good service.

Adirondack Chairs – Comfort and Classic Elegance

As more people are beginning to enjoy the relaxing comforts of the outdoors there has been a growing need for stylish yet comfortable seating. Adirondack chairs are the perfect choice. For sitting by a beautiful garden reading a book or entertaining friends at a cookout the excellent quality of this furniture far exceeds many of the other outdoor seating that is readily available.

Teak Bench – Put Some Spring into your Decor

More often than not, people forget that adding a teak bench to their outdoor area can add life to what otherwise seems to be lifeless area of the yard. Teak benches can add style, personality and a little bit of whom you are to the outside area of your home. They hold up against the elements of nature and potentially give you memories to last a lifetime, as they can last a lifetime as well.

A Kaffir Lime Tree Will Spice Up Your Kitchen

Kaffir lime leaves are necessary ingredients for many Thai dishes. Grow a Kaffir lime plant in your kitchen and have fresh leaves whenever you want. Kaffir lime trees are easy to grow and fun to use.

Gardening For Fun, Beauty And Relaxation

When it comes to gardening, make sure that your equipped with the right gardening tools, it will make your job much easier

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