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Italian Herb Garden

This article describes the uses and ways to care for herbs that are essential to an Italian Herb Garden. Here you will find information on the most common Italian herbs including sage, oregano, parsley, basil, fennel and rosemary.

Herb Garden Designs – A Beginner’s Approach

So you have decided that herb gardens have become fashionable again and you want to try your hand at designing an herb garden yourself. You have visions of old English country estates with their magnificent gardens…before you get all excited about that idea, ask yourself this question; how much time do you realistically have to devote to the starting up and then the maintenance of your herb garden?

Grow Your Herbs in Containers Indoors Or Outside

Growing herbs in containers is an ideal answer for the apartment dweller who wants an indoor garden. They also flourish in containers outside. There are just a few important rules to growing herbs in containers. Mostly herb plants are toughies but grown in a very restricted environment, the rules are important.

Famous Japanese Gardens Outside Japan

Japanese gardens are quite literally living works of art. Their aesthetic appeal lies in the fact that they are constantly changing with the different seasons, and yet at the same time, they always maintain an air of constant stillness and peace, as if, even while changing externally, their basic nature remains the same.

General Information About Hypertufa

Hypertufa is an artificial stone (imitation of tufa rock) used in gardens for making long lasting ornaments, pots, troughs etc. Hypertufa is made using almost always the same ingredients which are: Portland cement, peat and perlite.

Start an Herb Garden – Choosing Plants

All gardeners are challenged because they have to decide which herbs they want. The assortment of herbs is immense.

Using Herbs From a Home Herb Garden – The Agony and the Ecstasy

So, the agony has passed. You’ve nurtured the herbs in your home herb garden and now you are seeing results. But what do you do now?

Mama Mia – It’s an Italian Herb Garden

In fact one of the only unifying factors in all this is the typical Italian herb garden, with it’s primary quintet of garlic, oregano, basil, parsley and rosemary. The supporting chorus of rocket, fennel, capsicum, marjoram, thyme, chives, sage and bay are freely used in a multitude of Italian dishes and march in close company with the principal players.

The Varieties of and How to Care For Roses

Roses have a nasty reputation for being hard to care for, but the truth is they are hardier than most people expect. With a few basic principles in hand, you will find that the care for roses is relatively easy. As long as the watering isn’t drowning them out, or the soil is not choking them, they will thrive in an environment that is fairly neutral. The care for roses is simple and easy and will reward you with years of beautiful flowers and compliments from neighbors.

Correct Approach to Transplant Roses

Information to help successfully transplant roses. With these steps and the right prep, you can have healthy roses after any transplant.

Weed Eater – The Power Machete of Garden Tools

I was one of the original purchasers of the green weed eater models when they first came out over 20 years ago. The little green machine was a wonder, whacking grass weeds and anything that got in my way; I was the ninja of weed control.

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