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Homemade Compost Bins – Better Than You Can Buy

Compost bins come in a myriad of styles from many suppliers but most if not all suffer from at least one problem, size. Yet a compost bin is not hard to make. A bit of time spent in the shop or garden can solve a lot of frustration from happening.

4 Favourite Tools For Composting

Working a composting system, especially a quick one, takes a bit of work. Like most types of work, the proper tools make the composting go faster and more enjoyably. Here are four tools I use to get the job done.

Planning Your Herb Garden Design

Your herb garden will be an investment of time, planning and inspiration, so take the time to design it properly. You will have many points to consider to come up with the best possible designs. Some things to consider are size, location, theme, and maintenance. Will your garden be a formally designed space, or an informal kitchen herb garden? By researching and planning, you will enjoy your herb garden for years.

Want to Choose the Right Herb Garden Plants?

Like other normal garden plants, herb garden plants come as annuals, perennials or biennials. There is a huge variety of herbs in the different categories and they are all rather unique.

Fresh Herb Gardening Information

As far back as in the days of the ancient Chinese and Egyptians, the fact that herbs have been in use then, has been well-documented in history. Herbs were even recorded as having been trade items on which tithes were offered during biblical times. So where does fresh herb gardening stand today?

Secrets to Growing Herbs in Pots

Many people have been growing herbs in pots for years now, right there on their windowsills. But growing herbs in pots is not limited to the windowsill. Indeed, these herb pots can be put in any room that you wish including the hallway.

Harvesting and Preserving Your Home Herb Garden Crops

You have taken care of and watched over your home herb garden like a mother hen over her chicks and harvesting day has finally arrived. You can now pluck those juicy fresh basil leaves for your chicken tom yam stir fry. And there’s enough mint for that special laksa soup. So what should you do now?

Technology of Herb Garden Kits

Who wants to grow their own herb garden but think that they do not have the space or the knowledge to easily create and happily maintain one? Well you are not alone BUT have you heard the buzz about how they have reduced big gardens into herb garden kits? And now you can have one of them! But what are they?

Create That Italian Herb Garden

Well, back in the days when traders travelled on camels and caravans, taking days to reach their destinations, they still thought it was worth their while to visit India, China and the Far East. And the trade items that drew them from thousands of miles away were encompassed in one word, “Spices”.

Thinking of Starting a Worm Farm?

Are you thinking of starting your own worm farm but don’t know where to begin? I had the same problem when I started so I got detailed information from the experts.

Reaping the Benefits of Your Home Herb Garden

It has been weeks, maybe months – sometimes years – since you first started your home herb garden. You toiled and slaved to make them flourish, you experienced the thrill of seeing the first sprout grow, and the heartache of seeing them wilt away. You learned the ropes; you made everything work despite your ‘ungreen thumb’ and you became somewhat of an herb expert in the local sapling club of your town. Now, after all you’ve accomplished, a question hangs…

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