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Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter – Watering and Feeding Your Plants

How much and how often do you water the Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter? How often and what kind of plant food do you use to feed the tomato plants? Find out what the perfect combination of water and feeding your topsy turvy plants need to grow strong and bountiful.

Want to Get Rid of Garden Pests From Your Plants? Just Try These Natural Methods

Ornamental gardens are one of the easiest types of garden to plant and maintain if you use the right plants. By planting many different types of ornamental flowers in your garden, it will be healthier and the mixture of the flowers will help to keep insects away.

Do You Want to Eliminate Aphids From Your Garden? Just Follow This Proven System

Aphids are from the Aphidoidea family. They are also called plant lice. They can be one of the most destructive insects for vegetable gardens as well as other plants. This is why farmers and people who raise gardens are so adamant about getting rid of these pesky insects.

Where Are the Hardest Rose Planting Zones?

Just as there are hard rose planting zones, there are also hardy flowers like roses which are able to grow all over the country. This can be attributed to well-informed, experienced nursery owners and rose growers who use hardiness zones as a basis for identifying which roses they can grow in the area where they live.

Container Herb Gardens – Proper Care For Your Container Herb Garden

Caring for your herb garden is just as important as the planting part of it. It’s true that a container herb garden does not warrant the same kind of attention as an outdoor garden, but this is only if you’ve done a few things right.

Planning a Garden Revamp

When planning a new look to your garden it is important to think hard before you start. Sometimes we see gardens on the television or get ideas form other people and think that they would work well in our garden and are then disappointed when they do not look right or work how they had imagined in their own garden.

The ABCs of Garden Planning

It is that time of year when people start thinking about getting their gardens in order. With warmer weather people tend to sit outside more and they want their surroundings looking good. It is also nice having a nice garden if you are entertaining so that you have somewhere to sit with your guests outside and even to have food and drinks.

Are Your Vegetables Safe – Home Vegetable Gardening

A recent radio programme had the interviewers visiting a farm which grew commercial vegetables. As they were leaving they asked if they could pick some broccoli, to take home to feed their chickens.

Fall Yard Cleanup

Getting your yard ready for the winter can be a big task, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you break the work down into the three main areas that need attention: trees and shrubs, lawn, and garden and planting areas. In this article, we’ll explain what needs done in each of these places.

The Most Useful Willow Species

The Black Willow is a willow species that originated in North America. It is the largest North American willow, and it is usually relatively small compared to other trees. But under ideal conditions, it can grow to be forty five meters in height, and have trunks that can be as thick as eighty centimetres in diameter.

Sweet Bay Magnolia

The Sweet Bay Magnolia is sometimes known as the Sweet Bay, Swamp Magnolia or Swamp Bay. It was first found in European gardens as far back as 1688. Colonists referred to it as the beaver tree, because its fleshy roots helped them trap beavers.

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