The Rundown: Top headlines today: Oct. 21, 2021

Iris Bulbs – Nature’s Easy-Care Showcase

Iris bulbs make the perfect flower. They’re easy to plant, require little water and even less care, and yet they come back year after year with brilliant and showy displays that can put other flowers to shame.

Growing Concord Grapes

Do you want to start growing your own grapes? Do you want to eat the freshest grapes from your own backyard? Do you have enough time to tend the grape vines? Then, growing grapes is just for you. But if you want very basic grape species to start with, then your best choice is to start growing Concord grapes.

Autumn Notes

The season of autumn has a lot to tell us if we are open to receiving its sentiments. Flowers, leaves, trees and shrubs have a language all their own. This article is for pure enjoyment and some learning, too!

The Effect of Salt on Grass Areas

The often harsh winter weather conditions can have equally harsh and damaging effects on your garden. The best advice for the health of your lawn is to keep off the grass as much as possible during frosty spells. Though when the conditions become icy, an additional, perhaps less well known danger pops up to pose a threat to your luscious, green lawn.

How to Get Rid of Left Over Food at Christmas

After the festivities, most families throw away Christmas left over food. As an alternative to sending your Christmas left overs to a landfill site, why not try using a worm composter to turn kitchen waste into compost and liquid fertiliser.

Italian Herb Garden – The Perfect Herb Garden for Beginners

Whether you are new to herb gardening or have just become part of an Italian family, an Italian Herb Garden is the perfect Herb Garden for beginners! Why is an Italian Herb Garden perfect – because it contains the four main classes of herbs: Aromatic, Culinary, Medicinal, and Ornamental herbs. Plus it has annual herbs, perennial herbs, shrub herbs, and evergreen herbs. These herbs are also some of the tastiest and most favorable herbs used in cooking. Italy is known for its cuisine and this is due in part to their herbs.

Garden Supplies

A garden is that vital part of a house where the visitors first set their eyes upon. This piece of land can be made into neighbor’s envy by using the best garden supplies in Beaverton, Oregon. The garden supplies are available in a wide range from simple to elaborate, cheap to expensive ones.

Motorised Blinds Enhance Working Environment and Boost Output

Unquestionably, science has helped us a lot in making our life comfortable and easier and motorised product is one of its highly appreciable gifts which have been given to human being that helped living new and an exciting lifestyle. Just forget about climbing over furniture to open and shut traditional curtain and other conventional kinds of outdated window products that run manually. Nowadays, motorised window blind is available in the market that runs with the help of remote control.

Using Water Dyes to Improve Your Property’s Appearance

Do you have a pond that’s seen better days, its water a murky green or a muddy brown? Left untended, most ponds go the way of the woods, with out of control algae soon threatening their entire surface. If you have a pond in this condition, you have four basic options for reinventing it: hiring a landscaping company that specializes in pond care; using algaecide to tame the algae; using water rakes and other tools to manually remove algae; or applying pond dyes, also known as water dyes.

Pond Water Colorant: What Affect Does It Have on Nature?

The green movement makes us consider how we treat the environment, from what type of appliances we use to how we tend to our backyard gardens and ponds. Concerning appliances, buying energy efficient models is key. But how do you take care of your pond without using some of the dangerous algaecides and herbicides of the past?

Using Pond Dyes for Algae Control

If you’ve ever seen a back yard pond that looked like it was 80 percent vegetation and 20 percent water, then you’ve seen what can happen when ponds are untended and their vegetation expands unhindered. For ponds in such a state, the manual removal of surface vegetation, or the application of algaecide, may precede the addition of friendlier solutions to keep it in check over the long-term, such as pond dye.

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