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Growing Orchids Successfully With These Simple Tips

Orchids are beautiful and exotic flowers that can easily be grown in your own home wherever you live. Unfortunately many people think growing orchids is too tough to accomplish and you need to live in the proper climate to even think about growing them. The fact is this is not true and anybody anywhere can have beautiful and blooming orchids that last for many years.

Want to Know What Not to Compost?

When people talk about composting they are often not aware that something’s are inappropriate to put into compost bins. One would think that any table scraps, or items found in the kitchen after cooking could be put into a compost bin. This is a great idea, but not really a good one. While there are quite a few things you can use to compost, there are some things that just do not work.

Are You Looking For Organic Gardening Supplies?

With all the focus on green and organic these days it seems like more and more people are looking at organic farming. While this is excellent for us it is also great for our planet. So before we run out and stock up on supplies it will be helpful to get a better idea of what we will need to start and grow our garden.

Six Orchid Growing Tips to Consider

To grow beautiful and healthy orchids, and maintain them, you need to be well informed on orchid care principles. This article touches on some defining characteristics of orchids, and then lays out six essential orchid growing tips.

4 Steps to Designing Your Rooftop Garden

From assessing your home’s structure, to selecting your green roof type, to picking plants and more, this article gives you an overview on how to set up a garden on your roof. You will get a quick overview of the different roof choices that are available, and ideas for which plants to pick based on your climate.

The Right Way to Prune Your Tomato Plants

One of the favorite plants for gardeners to grow is the tomato plant. Whether you grow traditional red tomatoes, cherry tomatoes or the more exotic yellow, orange or tiger tomatoes, they are a firm favorite. Being relatively easy to grow and tolerant of neglectful gardeners, they are a great plant to have in your garden.

Foliage Problems

Variegated plants often spontaneously produce an all green shoot that is more vigorous than its more ornamental counterparts. This is known as reversion. It is important to cut all reverted shoots as soon as you can because if they are left they will outgrow the ornamental shoots, eventually dominating the whole plant. Variegated plants that are planted in deep shade also lose their variegation. In this case, you will need to move the plant to a more suitable position. Discolored leaves can also be a problem on all plants. Yellow leaves, for example, can be caused by a range of problems.

Pruning Bush and Standard Roses

For years rose pruning has been presented as a complicated affair of well defined rules and precise, well timed cuts. Then, a few years ago, new research showed it might all be a waste of time. So how should you prune your roses? Why do roses need to be pruned? Rose pruning is important for two main reasons. The first is that, left un-pruned, the plant will get big and straggly, with an ugly bare base, the second is that the stems will bear flowers for only a few years before becoming exhausted. Pruning tackles both problems in one go, keeping the plant small and the shoots young and vigorous.

First Step to Designing Successful Gardens

Successful Garden Design plans takes into consideration two basic things. Before embarking on creating your master piece, you need to draw up a plan that highlights your garden’s best features and blends it visually with your lovely home.

Tips For Great Garden Designs

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to revive a defunct garden or simply creating a new one, you will need to explore what is obtainable, manageable and most of all practical for your outdoor project. A careful thought and assessment of your primary need for a garden will assist in the planning and design process. For those with an already existing garden that needs and upgrade, as tempting as it is to tear down everything and design from scratch, the idea of working with what is already available should not be totally discarded.

Best Garden Design Tools

For a garden design tool that pays attention to all the details that we are prone to overlook so that you can have the best resources to design a garden with best results, the internet is a good place to start searching. From soil reaction to fertility to humidity and climatic concerns, many of these online tools cover all these areas in the design stage. Traditional garden design tools are unable to get specific data for certain eminent concerns and often know about, and deal with at a later stage when the need arise.

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