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Orchids – Growing Media and Orchids

Growing Media has a number of functions, but one of the main purposes… When it comes to buying Growing Media for your orchid… A very well-known type of Growing Media… Two varieties of Sphagnum Moss are commonly available…

Preparing Your Garden

One of the things that discourages many novice gardeners who want to delve into gardening is the lack of knowledge of the plants and flowers that do well. Another aspect that compounds the problem is the fact that different flowers flourish differently based on soil samples and the actual local climate. Many people who venture into gardening, buy plants without really taking into consideration these factors. For many, the way the plants look is the overriding factor.

Choosing the Best Tools For Gardening

Strictly speaking, gardening can be done with the most rudimentary tools. After all, all over the world, especially in remote Third Word countries, people still use extremely primitive tools for farming and do gardening and they still end up producing a crop albeit of a lower quantity. Even though a pair of willing hands and some gloves can do some excellent gardening all by themselves, working with tools can maximize one’s effectiveness and ensure better results.

Little Gardeners

Ever since our daughter was old enough to walk, she loved helping us garden. We’d give her pint-sized gardening tools and a spot to dig in and she couldn’t be happier. It didn’t take long before we created a vegetable patch just for her.

Bonsai Trees – Caution – They Are Addictive

Bonsai is not just about the tips and techniques. Its not just about styles and rules or watering and fertilizing. Bonsai gardening is a state of mind, a place to unwind from our busy busy world and just chillout. If you’re looking for a way to relax and at the same time enjoy some immense satisfaction, then Bonsai trees may just hold the key. But be warned….they can be addictive!

New at Gardening With Vegetables

Having enough space for your garden vegetables to grow is very important. You should keep track of what needs to go where and how you need to plant each individual plant. Rotating your plants is very necessary too. You should do this each year to prevent diseases from entering the soil.

How to Grow a Garden No Matter How Little Room You Have

We are all looking for ways to save money through any avenue possible. With the rising cost of daily living due to outrageous gas prices. We all feel the same cruel pinch in the pocketbook.

Natural Fertilizers For Luscious Lawns And Gardens

Growing a luscious lawn can be easy! With the help of natural fertilizers and proper maintenance techniques, beautiful, lush lawns and gardens are within reach of every homeowner.

Hi-Speed Natural Fertilizers Yield Long Term Results

Natural fertilizers deliver results faster, and with less environmental impact than conventional synthetic fertilizers. Natural fertilizers and Seaweed Fertilzers are made with plant and animal components that break down more quickly and become available to plants faster. Natural fertilizers also help improve soil fertility and soil structure, impacting gardening success in the long run.

The Seven Deadly Pesticide Sins For Natural Gardeners

Commercial pesticide applicators must attend training so that they understand how to safely apply chemicals. Homeowners do not have to attend training, but home gardeners would benefit from learning the same knowledge taught to commercial applicators. This article distills the seven deadly sins of pesticide application, and provides tips to avoid them, and garden Guilt Free!

Natural Gardening – Top Ten Tips For Success

Natural gardening can be fun and easy. These top ten tips for success will help you grow large, productive and beautiful plants without harmful chemicals.

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