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Lawn Mowing Tips For Healthier Lawns

Lawn mowing is often regarded by many people as one of those simple tasks that requires little forethought past ensuring that the lawn mower itself is in working condition and that this yard chore gets done. This article discusses how just a couple of simple changes to our lawn mowing practices can bring great results to the health of our lawns.

Lawn Watering For Better Lawn Health While Using Less Water

Lawn watering is another often neglected factor of our lawn care practices, which while we know how important it is, we often may not stop to consider whether we are watering the right way at all, or if perhaps we have been doing it the wrong way for far too long. Correct lawn watering uses less water, while maintaining a healthy strong lawn which is more drought tolerant, and this lawn watering method is explained in this article.

Lawn Care Tips For A Healthy Summer Lawn

Summer can be a time of lush green healthy lawns for many homeowners who are meticulous with their lawn care practices. For most of the rest of us though, Summer can be a time of stress in our lawns, usually because we have missed just a couple of minor, but important lawn care practices which could make a world or difference to the health of our lawns during a long hot Summer.

Mild June Weather Makes Gardening Easy in Southern California

While summer heat is not far away, typical gloomy June weather in southern California can make the month ideal for planting a garden and catching up on yard maintenance. Revive Established Trees: Planting a new tree requires almost daily initial watering. To keep water bills at a reasonable level, consider revitalizing existing trees by providing nutrients and by trimming and shaping limbs.

Organic Vegetable Garden Mulching – Do’s and Don’ts

Not every mulch is good for your garden. If a mulch is high in carbon it will tie up most of the available nitrogen and not be available to your plants. Low carbon mulches are straw, dried grass clippings, and well-rotted manures. High carbon mulches are wood chips, shredded bark, paper products, and sawdust. If you buy bags of mulch ALWAYS LOOK AT IT FIRST! Open a bag and look for lots of wood chips. If you see this than don’t buy it as it will tie up all your nitrogen in the soil and your plants will suffer. The preferred mulch is oat or wheat straw. NOT HAY, as hay has too many seeds in it. Spreading 2-3 inches of stray mulch over your raised beds will not tie up all your nitrogen. Bark mulch works exceptionally well between the rows of your raised beds. If you don’t have raised beds, than use straw as your mulch between the rows.

Unique Benefits of Planting a Garden

Our garden along with our kitchen can make a difference in our lives. What we eat defines us. It’s for that reason to consider the most important things that can improve the way we look and the way we feel. There are many vegetables and fruits out there with secret properties that will help us to feel better when consumed. We can make better choices knowing the benefits of these fruits and vegetables.

5 Reasons to Choose Artificial Grass for Gardening Purpose

Artificial grass is considered one of the best options when you are considering of giving your garden a makeover. Whether you are thinking to use it for your personal space or for huge commercial parks, these fake grasses will always stand up to your expectations.

Gardening With Carnivorous and Insectivorous Floras

Growing plants and flowers is an exciting endeavor that provides relaxation and peace. With thousands of plant species, carnivorous plants may be a wonderful addition to that dream garden.

How to Pick Sod for Your Yard

In this article I will go over different types of grass sod and what you need to consider about them. This will allow you to pick the sod best for your yard.

Dances With the Daffodils

Of daffodils outfitted in the vibrant yellow hues, emerging after long winters to capture every eye with their bright yellow trumpet. Causing excitement for they come but once a year and but so briefly stay. One must be ready; ready to behold, to enjoy, to savor, their time brilliant, memorable, but always far too short. So here we have their story to capture and hold their glory for a wee bit longer. Enjoy!

Tips to Create Your Own Japanese Garden

Everyone who’s seen a Japanese garden would like to emulate the feeling of calm and relaxation it brings into their own homes. After all, Japanese gardens are created to invoke meditation and reflection, and are meant to be havens of Zen.

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