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Points to Remember Before Trying Organic Container Gardening

Many people wish to have their own vegetable garden but in this growing concrete jungle getting a decent piece of land to start a garden is next to impossible. Organic container gardening is the best option for anyone who wants to have their own garden but lacks space.

Vegetable Gardening Guide – Tricks to Help You Grow Tantalizing Tomatoes in Your Home Garden

Who does not appreciate a basketful of ripe, red, round, soft, succulent, organically bred and juicy mouthwatering homegrown tomatoes? Virtually everyone does. And oh! What joy!! If they come from your own kitchen garden!

What to Do With Wholesale Flowers

Do you ever envy someone who has a green thumb and can grow enough flowers to keep her house decorated in them throughout the spring and summer? Well, you can do to the same thing – at very reasonable prices – by purchasing wholesale flowers.

Pruning Grape Vines Tips

Most fruit trees and vines require pruning to optimize its fruit production capacity and grape vines are no exception. Pruning the vines properly is the best way to make sure that your crops will produce more fruits for years to come. Growing and maintaining a grape vine is no small task; it requires time and can be frustrating for other people.

Importance of Foundation Planting

Our gardeners of the yester years need to be thanked by us for the term ‘foundation planting’, which involves methods of taking special care of shrubs and trees, once they are planted in the ground. Many shrubs and plants are not removed once they are planted. If at all they have to be replanted a lot of renovation work and efforts need to be put in for replanting them. It hence becomes important to decide the site for planting them, otherwise replanting them becomes very cumbersome.

Identifying Pruning Time

In most of our gardens, we find shrubs growing out of nowhere. Shrubs grow in different sizes and shapes, almost anywhere and each one of them have its own special characteristics. Some of the shrubs have leaves that are small with flexible soft stems. Other types of shrubs have thicker stems with branches spreading out. Some shrubs send out new branches which grow out straight from the base of the shrubs. These shrubs have stems or shoots that grow outwards from the ground.

Simplified Vegetable Gardening – No More Weeds!

Do you fear weeds in the garden? Why fear them when you can safely beat them? Don’t use dangerous sprays or other chemicals and enjoy a weed-free healthy vegetable garden.

Small Scale Sustainable Farming

In this new environment, I began to question the validity of the term ‘sustainable farm.’ The decision not to use harmful chemicals alone does not make an operation sustainable.

Growing Basil Indoors For Its Excellent Health, Medicinal Benefits and Ayurvedic Remedies

Basil is also known as “Sacred Tulsi” or “Holy Basil”. It is cultivated and known for around 5000 years. The tropical regions of Asia, Iran and India were the producers and consumers of basil for a long time until it became a popular herb thanks to the extremely beneficial properties of basil.

Herb Gardens in History

This interesting article gives the reader an idea of how humankind has taken care of herbs gardens since the ancient times. It mentions how herbs were grown in monasteries, how important herbs have been as to call the attention of Shakespeare, Charlemagne King of the Franks, Ion Gardener, and many more. It also mentions the most popular herbs in humankind history.

Make Bonsai Trees Grow Stronger Indoors by Providing Proper Sun Lighting For Your Plants

Bonsai Trees are ordinary plants and as such they grow healthy only when in direct exposure of sunlight. Yet many bonsai gardeners are in love with indoor Bonsais and wonder how to make a bonsai grow properly even if all the sunlight comes from a single window. Here’s a quick explanation of the standard methods for ensuring proper lighting for your plants.

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