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How to Create a Tropical Retreat

You can create a tropical paradise in your greenhouse without leaving your home. With proper planning and the help of a greenhouse design expert, you can have a lush, tropical escape in your backyard year-round. Not only do greenhouses provide the perfect growing conditions for tropical plants, but they can also be used as a pool enclosure, giving you the ideal tropical atmosphere to enjoy any time of the year.

All about Successful Herb Gardening

The beauty of having an herb garden is that you get the benefit of fresh picked herbs. Provided that you find the right ideas and you take care to plant the right herbs for the right season and care for them very well, you should be able to enjoy your herb garden for a while. It is also very easy to implement good herb garden ideas because herbs grow very easily whether on your outside garden or in containers indoors.

Utilizing Chicken Waste for Composting

Eggs are not the only beneficial byproduct of chickens. While a hen can produce an egg every 24 hours, they also produce 2 cubic feet of manure every year. The large quantity of manure that is being produced will be utilized in our three onsite greenhouses.

Can You Grow Healthy Roses Without Using Dangerous Pesticides?

Roses are susceptible to a number of pests and diseases but old roses are sometimes seen growing unattended in neglected gardens. When conditions suit their needs roses thrive with little or no human intervention. Growing roses without dangerous pesticides is actually easier than using conventional methods. Your plants are healthier and need less attention.

Growing Basil Indoors During Winter

Just because it’s the winter season doesn’t meant that you have to stop growing your basil. Moving your favorite herb indoors and continuing its growth can be easy and even more convenient. Let’s take a look at a few tips for growing basil indoors.

January Rain Will Make Gardens Grow in Southern California

A slightly above average amount of rainfall is expected in Southern California in January, which means less watering and more growing for winter gardens. Plant bare root fruit trees: Bare root fruit and nut trees are in abundance at local nurseries in winter. Now is the time to plant these trees while they are in a dormant phase.

No-Maintenance Gardens and Low Maintenance Gardening

Whether your garden is a small bed, a large suburban yard, a vertical landscape design or an urban landscape design it will require some maintenance. Low or easy maintenance gardening is what many people would like to embrace, either through necessity or preference. No garden will be a zero maintenance garden but most gardening activities have a lower input solution or alternative to consider. Here are some steps you can take for a lower maintenance garden.

What Are the Benefits of Roof Gardens?

Look aloft, to the top of the buildings… a roof garden design is outward looking, a designed sanctuary high up on top of a building, sometimes with an endless panorama, a bright, beautiful, and open sky above it. Most appropriately, it fits today’s city dweller with their overscheduled, time challenged lives.

Steps To Install A Garden LED Flood Light System Yourself

Would you like to create a more inviting atmosphere in your garden this coming summer? If you would then the installation of a good quality LED flood light system may be the perfect solution. Of course you could pay for someone to do this work for you.

Invasive Plants of Sedona

There are two species of plants in the Sedona area that top the list for invasive species and they are the Tree of Heaven and Vinca which is a ground cover. The difference is that nobody deliberately plants Tree of Heaven, however Vinca is widely available at nurseries and is planted often.

Artificial Plants for When You Have a Location That Is Not Conductive to Live Plants

There are many situations where you will require having flowers and plants. However, it is not always possible to have foliage that is real. You need to discover why artificial plants are the best choice when you have a location that is not conducive to live plants.

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