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Vegetable Gardening – Grow What You Like

Vegetable gardening is becoming more popular all of the time. It is estimated that one out of every three people in the United States does some kind of gardening. A large percentage of gardening is done in urban areas. Growing great vegetables does not have to be difficult. In order to experience this wonderful hobby all you have to do is follow a few simple rules.

Hydroponics Gardening – Gardening Without Soil

Hydroponics systems grow plants without soil in a controlled area. There are two basic systems: Free flowing water or a medium system (plant roots are wrapped in a medium such as rock wool, perlite or gravel) Both of these methods provide nutrients in a solution that is fed to the plants. Hydroponics is very likely the wave of the future. You can ride that wave now.

Roses – The Flowers For The Ages

Rose gardening goes back to the ancient times of the Greeks and the Romans. The cultured roses from nurseries generally come in the form of rose bushes and tree roses. It is said that in the dawn of creation the rose was a single flower with five petals. Growing tree roses or bush roses is not a difficult task. Like most other flowers roses will thrive on lots of sun, good soil, plenty of water, and timely care.

Grow Olive Trees for Table Olives

An olive tree is a handsome landscape feature and provides pounds of olives that are fun to harvest and cure. Choose the right olive tree variety and you’ll be rewarded with large crops you can use to create unique jars of olives that suit your family’s food preferences

Organic Gardening – The Natural Way

Organic gardening is the practice of growing vegetables, flowers and other plants with the use of only natural materials and methods. Organic gardening is more that just the use of natural materials it has to do with understanding the balances in nature and applying those to our gardening and farming endeavors and work in harmony with nature.

Water Gardening – An Exciting Way To Beautify Your Yard

A water garden or aquatic garden is a garden built on a pond or around a stream as its primary feature. Water gardening combines the best attributes of a landscape garden with the technical expertise of a swimming pool. A backyard water garden should look as though it has grown out of the surrounding landscape; not as though it were thrust into it. Water gardens are not only decorated with many types of plants but fountains can be added to beautify the layout.

Garlic & How to Grow It

Garlic may be the oldest plant cultivated by humans. It belongs to the same family as onions and leeks and is used both as a culinary and a medicinal herb. Medicinally it’s useful for everything from colds and flu, to coughs and bronchitis, to high cholesterol and preventing heart disease. It’s even proven useful in preventing cancer, and reducing the severity of established cancer.

Evergreens – Rhododendrons Can Be Either Deciduous or Evergreen

Evergreens bring a color to the barrenness of winter. They make good windbreaks and privacy screens and are especially good for landscaping. Evergreens can be planted in early spring except, of course, in the cold areas of the north. They can be planted in late August or early September in the colder areas. Evergreens are best pruned in the late spring. Evergreens come in all types and sizes from small shrubs to the giant Sequoia.

Do You Love Flowers? Design a Cutting Garden and Grow Your Own

Flower gardening is the stuff of dreams and creations. With imagination, planning and work you can create a place of exquisite beauty and tranquility. Flowers are divided into two basic varieties: annuals and perennials. Annuals grow only for a given time and they are gone. Perennials grow, bloom and then live to come back the next year and do the same

Maintain Your Garden Tools – It Pays

One would expect that when prehistoric man first attempted to plant a seed or seedling he dug into the ground with his hands. Finding that to be not only hard on the hands but also futile, he probably graduated to some sort of sharpened stick. And so the first garden tool was devised. It is believed that the grapevine was the first woody plant pruned by man. This supposedly took place in Asia Minor around 6000 B.C. Then some 5000 years later history records bronze spades being used in China. Since then new tools were invented. Maintain all of your garden tools properly to avoid the cost of replacement.

Container Gardening – Locate Your Garden Conveniently

Container gardening is the growing of plants in anything that will hold soil. It is suspected that the concept of container gardening started with the Egyptians and Romans. Container growing hit its stride in the U. S. in California in the 1950’s when the people started growing plants in containers in all kinds of dwelling places from small apartments to large estates. Container gardening will brighten your dwelling, help feed you and your family and make you feel a sense of calm, and fulfillment.

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