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Transplanting the Lucky Bamboo Plant Into Soil

Learn how to transplant your lucky bamboo into soil. Whether your plant has outgrown its original container or you want to create a new arrangement, the lucky bamboo is very easy to transplant!

The Best Growing Tomatoes – Does Using Seaweed Help Your Tomato Plants?

Many gardeners would agree there is nothing tastier than a tomato freshly picked from the vine. In trying to produce the best growing tomatoes possible, you can avoid the toxins that many store bought tomatoes have been subjected to. You may have wondered if using seaweed (also called kelp) can help your tomato plants.

Preserving Your Garden Bounty Using the Pressure Cooker

Learn to home can your garden vegetables. Using a pressure cooker is the only safe way to home can low acid foods.

Growing Hibiscus Plants

With more and more people enjoying their gardens, keen gardeners are trying to find different plants to grow. A very simple but very pretty plant to grow is a hibiscus plant; they take very little care but have great results.

Urban Farming

Urban farming is slowly becoming popular amongst urban dwellers because it doesn’t only beautify but it also conserves the environment as well. So take pleasure in the joys of gardening and start urban farming now.

Gardening Information – Gifts For the Gardener

If you have a gardener in the family then when it comes time for gift giving you have a ready made solution as the options available when it comes to gifts is nearly unlimited. Really the only limit is your budget. depending on what you have to spend you could go with simple tools and equipment like gloves, knee pads, a wide brimmed gardening hat or some spades and hand tools to turn over soil and break up clods etc.

Growing Lilies

Lilies are some of the most beautiful plants for the home landscape and they are extremely easy to grow. The following tips will get you started…

Kitchen Compost Bin – Advice From a Friend

A kitchen compost bin will come in many different shapes and sizes.Some are store bought and some are home made. It is a very convenient way to store kitchen waste that would otherwise be headed for the landfill.

Easy Care Roses – How to Plant Climbing Roses

Climbing roses are one of the best ways to add both texture and height to your garden landscape. If you’re concerned about climbing roses being high maintenance, don’t worry! Just follow these easy tips for planting…

Hydroponic Gardening – Grow it in the Bath Tub!

Grow your garden in your bath tub? Absolutely! With hydroponic gardening it is very possible to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables grown in your hydroponic bath tub.

Grow a Roses Tree For Your Garden

Growing your own roses tree is very popular with rose lovers and beginners alike. Many love them for their distinctively unique stunning appearance in a garden. However, it is essential to know how to prune rose bush tree to keep them looking their very best.

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