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A Few Tips For Your Flower Garden

Having a flower garden can add a great deal of color to the look and feel of your yard. Actually having the knowledge to make the flowers grow will produce healthy plants. In order to help you get that great looking, healthy flower garden the following tips should go a long way in helping you. Always be sure you know the basics and apply them.

The Benefits of Gardening Books

A beginner gardener will find these books to be invaluable. These books will not only give out directions of what to do in what order, but also may include pictures for easier understanding. They will cover what is needed from start to finish. From getting the soil ready to watering. You can find instructions for all the plant types too…

Choose Versatile Beard-Tongue Penstemons For Your Ornamental Borders

Beard-tongues produce their spikes of interesting tubular flowers from late spring throughout the summer months. The blooms, which range in color from white to red, pink, blue, lavender & purple, attract butterflies & hummingbirds. Ranging from low growing hardy varieties to much taller tender ones, these versatile plants will add color to the garden and your cut bouquets.

Culinary Herbs Rule – Throw Those Stale, Dried Herbs Out!

If you love to cook you may already know what a difference using fresh herbs, instead of dried ones, can make to a dish. Fresh herbs can take an average meal and make it a tasty and aromatic sensation!

Dymondia Margaretae – An Excellent Ground Cover Plant For a Mediterranean Climate Garden

Finding a niche ground cover plant that is both drought tolerant and easy to maintain, is not easy. Dymondia margaretae is one such example that the dry climate gardener should consider.

The Greenhouse and the Edible Garden in Early September

Lilies usually at their best in July and August, are a sumptuous joy if brought into the house, but they should be returned to the greenhouse after flowering. Tomatoes must make way for chrysanthemums. The tomatoes can be ripened in the house.

Flowers and Shrubs in Early September

In the flower border the roses now burst into their second flush, the dahlias are heavy with bloom while golden rod and Michaelmas daisies, hungry trespassers, take over the neglected go-as-you-please garden. At this time with autumn breezes just beginning, Michaelmas daisies, heavy with bloom, may need extra support. Sweet pea lovers can start a new cycle by sowing in the open ground late this month, afterwards covering the seedlings with cloches.

So You Want to Take Up Gardening

When you decide to start a garden there are things you should consider. First, start small. Using an area of about twenty five to thirty square feet should be just fine. It gives you enough room for approximately thirty plants. This is good starting point to see if you will enjoy it.

Vegetable Gardening Guide – To Help You in Having a Simple But Productive Garden

Vegetable gardening can be very stimulating. If you are just planning to have you own organic garden, here is a vegetable gardening guide to help you along with the new pastime and get you started. First you need a space at your disposal, if you are an apprentice it is advisable not to start with a big space. You must begin with a single raised bed of 9’x12′. Then as you learn all about organic gardening, you can add number of beds to dwell upon.

How to Grow Venus Fly Traps

I’ll be the first to admit that venus fly traps are not the easiest plants in the world to look after and many people, including me, have managed to kill one in the past through lack of knowledge. However luckily these fly traps aren’t actually as difficult to look after as you may first think, if only you adhere to these few golden rules.

Starting Your Garden With Plug Plants

For the everyday gardener, one of the hardest things to do is get their garden started in the springtime. The early stages of a garden are the most delicate and require an experienced hand or a green thumb. So much can go wrong when the plants are young, it is important to give yourself any advantage that you can.

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