‘We Cannot Afford To Be Incremental’: Vice President Kamala Harris Promotes Build Back Better Plan

Strawberries and Their Health Benefits

The health benefits of strawberries provide us a vast amount of nutrients and vitamins plus having a sweet juicy flavor. Some of the other health benefits of strawberries help in the prevention of some cancers, rheumatoid arthritis and protect against heart disease.

Japanese Zen Gardens

Zen tradition in Japanese gardens, together with Shinto are a very large part of Japanese gardening. It is because of these predominant traditions a Japanese garden is a place of contemplation and reflection and a visitors state of mind should reflect this when visiting one. It is important to fully understand these principles when visiting a Japanese or Japanese Zen garden.

Herb Garden Kits – An Excellent Way to Grow Herbs in Limited Spaces

Kits are an ideal way to grow herbs even when you don’t have time or space for the hobby. Most kits contain everything needed to grow fresh herbs in your home.

Japanese Garden Design – Dry Water

Dry water is very common in Japanese gardens, and it is very eye catching too. Wait a minute, I can hear you questioning the term ‘dry water’- it’s a contradiction in terms isn’t it?

What You Need to Know About Organic Gardening

For a long time organic gardening had a kind of “Hippy” connotation it – the kind of thing people grew in communes. Today it is becoming a mainstream part of horticulture and its importance in the production of safe, healthy and chemical free decorative and edible crops is being appreciated. By the way, nothing about organic gardening is really new since before the mid 1800s there were no such things as chemical fertilizers and insecticides.

Garden Pergolas Can Easily Stand the Test of Time

Modernization has reached the point today where the people have broken the fetters of tradition and culture and taken the pledge to renovate everything around them and give it a beautiful and artistic structure. This belief has entered every immediate field of human interest and brought in drastic consequences some of which are pleasant while others portray the reflection of the growing malicious practices of the society.

Window Flower Boxes – Enhancing Your View With Window Gardens

Enhance any view your windows provide by using window flower boxes. They’re inexpensive and add a bit of nature close to your home.

The Basics of Container Gardening

Container gardening is a fast and handy way to have green growing things even if you have only limited space. Many interesting objects can be used as containers, as long as they offer sufficient drainage and space. The basics of growing plants in containers is different from garden growing. Learn how to ensure your container grown plantings will be healthy and lush.

Tips on Growing an Organic Garden Beginning With the Soil

Growing organically is something that has been around since the beginning of time. You hear a lot about it today because of all the preservatives and chemicals being put into our food.

Italian Herb Garden – Oregano, Parsley and Rosemary

Italy is known for its great food. Going out for an Italian dinner is just the best because the Italians have got it figured out when it comes to cooking fantastic food.

Keeping Cats Out of Your Home Vegetable Garden

Whether it is your own or it belongs to your neighbor, cats are animals and work on instinct and could mistake your home vegetable garden for their litter box. Here are some things you can try to avoid this devastating problem.

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