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What Makes Your Garden Special?

Before you delve into the practical side of garden design, like choosing the plants, pavers and pots, you have to first find your “sense of place” to further enhance your garden and achieve gardening design success. A “sense of place” is what makes your garden special. If you can focus your garden into enhancing your “sense of place,” you are not far from achieving your perfect garden.

Gardening Your Way to Utopia

Your garden can be your utopia, an ideal place where you can relax and enjoy a peaceful state of being. Your garden can be your escape to the usual hustle and bustle of everyday chores and obligations.

How to Start Seeds in Pots

I know many gardeners start seeds in pots and enjoy considerable success. Fellow students in my horticulture classes seemed particularly adept at growing seed months before the plants were ready for the garden.

Autumn Containers

As late summer turns autumn the begonias will still be at their best, with all their glorious reds, oranges and yellows creating an explosion of fiery colors. By now the cannas, too, will be in full flower, revealing a mixture of orange, yellow, red and salmon, but their large, paddle shaped leaves can be as exciting as the flowers, showing vivid combinations of glowing green and gold or brilliant bronze and pink.

Health Benefits of Carrots and Why We Eat Them

The health benefits of carrots are quite numerous and not only for eye care but for some cancer preventions and heart attacks. Carrots contain at least two anti-oxidants which include beta-carotene and alpha-carotene.

Some Broccoli Health Benefits

Broccoli health benefits are quite numerous and they out do all the cruciferous family vegetables. They are best eaten steamed, microwaved, or raw; overcooking this vegetable will decrease its vital nutrients.

Seven Tips For Your Windowsill Herb Garden

Now you can wake up to the aroma of fresh basil, thyme, rosemary and mint wafting around your home and add some zest to your morning cup of tea with your home grown fresh herbs. You do not require a patio or backyard to grow your favorite herbs – you can make your very own compact and attractive windowsill herb garden. Not only do herbs add charm and coziness to the atmosphere of your kitchen, you will also have a regular supply of aromatic culinary herbs to add that extra zing to your cooking!

Selecting the Right Gardening Tools

Gardening is great exercise and extremely rewarding. Having the proper tools makes the gardening experience a great deal more fun. Learn which tools you need to do a proper job.

The Home Herb Garden

No doubt you have used dried herbs many times in your cooking and have often thought how great it would be to have your own home herb garden. To be able to pick fresh herbs is delightful and adds that special panache to any meal. Herb growing is really very easy and it only takes a few basics to get it right.

Later Flowering Varieties

For later flowering include dainty yellow and white tulip, which is native to central Asia, or bronze green and yellow, which is native to north eastern Iran. Both tulips look attractive in bud as well as in flower, and because they are multi headed you will have a pretty display from even one or two bulbs planted in the middle of the trough or around the sides.

How to Grow Bonsai Trees – Tips For Beginners

Bonsai, the art of growing miniature trees in pots, leads to amazing forms and textures for trees. Bonsai trees are visually stunning and aesthetically pleasing. They are full grown trees, only in a dwarfed form.

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