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Making Gardening Easy With Perennial Plants

The best and fastest way to add color, texture and beauty to any garden is adding perennial plants. Perennial plants are fast growing non woody plants that can easily change the look and feel of a garden or landscape.

Use These Lazy Gardening Techniques To Make Gardening More Fun And Less Work

If you don’t have lots of time to invest in gardening, but would like a plot of your own to care for, then these tips will get you on your way. Lazy Gardening Techniques are easy and quick ways to prepare garden space without digging in the soil and limiting weed growth.

Simple Ways to Attract Hummingbirds to Your Garden

Whether you’re just beginning to garden or have an established garden, adding a few specific plants can attract hummingbirds for your enjoyment every summer. Tips and plant selections will get you on your way to sighting hummingbirds this summer.

Evergreen Plants Make The Best Foundation Planting

Good planning results in foundation plantings that compliment, balance, take up excess water keeping it off of the foundation, screen, and block the home from sun and wind. Here are some suggestions for you that will require little work and provide beauty, all while adding function and purpose.

Gardening During Winter

During the Winter lawn mowing frequency slows, as do most tasks in the garden. But it is not a time for complacency as there is still a lot of work to do.

Making Room for Something New in the Garden

I am making progress and room in my garden for new things with the guidance from Jack Canfield’s book – The Principles of Success: Principle #28 Clean Up Your Messes and Your Incompletes. There will always be new tasks/projects/missions that need completing and in competing stages – so this is an ongoing mission of mine.

Tending to My Garden

On Sunday afternoon, I tended to my garden for a couple of hours. My original plan was to work in the garden for most of the day as I have several projects in my garden queue, including transplanting fresh new plants that want a new home, which is a high priority. Instead, I carved out only a couple hours at the end of the day tending to my garden.

Plant Garlic in Autumn for an Abundant Summer Crop

The best results are achieved if you plant cloves about four to six weeks before the ground freezes, and the soil is still manageable. The cloves need about that much time to build strong root systems. The timing of fall planting is critical. Keep reading to find out when and how to plant.

Benefits and Tips to Mowing in Fall

More land in America is dedicated to planting grass than any other plant. With so much turf grass planted it is no wonder Americans are enjoying all the benefits turf grass brings. And to continue to keep those benefits, it is important to regularly mow your lawn, even during the fall season.

Preparing Your Lawn for the Winter

Winter will be here before you know it, which is why it is so important to be sure you utilize the months of fall to prepare your yard for winter. Preparing your yard for winter, also called winterizing, will save you time and effort in your yard come spring. It also means a healthier, happier yard.

Give Your Southern California Yard a New Look in October

October is a busy planting month in southern California, with cooler temperatures making it easier for plants and trees to take hold and thrive. Plant Drought Tolerant Ground Cover: Ornamental grasses and a variety of flowering shrubs and plants can be planted in October that will do well in wet as well as dry months. They include trailing lantana and angelita daisy (both bloom all year long), festuca boulder blue ornamental grass, rockrose and creeping Mahonia.

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