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Greenhouse Polycarbonate – 10 Really Good Tips

When most people order greenhouse polycarbonate, it is the first time they have ever used the material. There is a lot of confusion on how to store it, cut it, unload it and install it. These are answers to the top 10 questions I receive regularly.

Tips for Growing Your Tomatoes From Seeds

Anyone who has done any tomato gardening knows that the most satisfying way to begin your tomato garden is by starting your plants indoors from seeds. The benefits include healthier plants, pest resistance, and more choices in the type of tomato you can plant. Learn the easy steps to the process of planting and caring for your tomato seeds.

Salvia Or Scarlet Sage

Salvia is a great looking plant that can really be an asset in your border. It’s beautiful purple color long slender flowers combine greatly with other flowers and plants.

Growing Great Lettuce

No matter where you live, though, growing delicious lettuce should be on your radar. Wait for the cooler months, when it’s not too hot (over 90 degrees), as this will cause lettuce to bolt, rather than growing big, beautiful leaves of lettuce. There are some simple steps you can take to growing and making wonderful salads.

Are Algae Blooms Becoming More Problematic?

An Algae bloom is a fast rise in the amount of algae in an aquatic system. These can happen in fresh water or marine environments.

Canna Facts and Canna Care

The canna family, Cannaceae, is comprised of one genus Canna and more than fifty species. Most gardeners choose canna plants for their colorful leaves and blooms to enhance their garden’s ornamental or decorative appearance.

The Importance of Growing Your Own Garden

When you grow your own herbs, fruits and vegetables you know exactly what went into growing them. By knowing what was used for fertilizer and pest control you will know exactly what you are feeding your family and you will enjoy the amazing flavors.

Worm Composting Made Easy

Everyone loves a little lush greenery, a garden or backyard with different shades of green is a sight that would not fail to bring a smile to many. If you have struggled at times to keep the green of your backyard the shade of envy then now is the time to win that struggle. Worm composting offers a sure solution to help you keep your greens happy.

Preparing and Planning Your Intensive Garden Plot

Measure your space and put a stake in each corner. Run your nylon string from stake to stake. Now you have the area that will need to be prepared inside of the strings.

Getting the Right Soil for Healthy Tomato Plants

If you are new to tomato gardening, or even if you’re an old “Green Thumb,” you may be frustrated by diseased plants, insect pests, and unsuccessful harvests. If there were one thing you should pay the most attention to when it comes to growing healthy tomato plants, it would be the soil. Maintaining good, healthy soil is the most important aspect of tomato gardening, and I’ll be discussing some of the biggest factors in getting your soil just right.

Three Easy Home Vegetable Gardening Tips to Follow

I like to keep my home vegetable gardening as simple as possible. Sure on occasion I will venture out into something new and little more advanced, but my entire gardening process surrounds some basic tips that I am going to share with you in a moment.

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