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Zone 7 Vegetable Gardening Made Simple

From both novice and expert gardeners, knowing exactly which vegetables will thrive in any given location is extremely important. Average climate, ground conditions, yearly snow (not to mention, rain) fall and the four seasons all come into play when deciding what goodies to plant in your garden. To help simplify things a bit, specific geographical regions are classified according to the above factors, and then put into numbered zones, which help gardeners prescribe which plants are most likely to thrive in the region.

Choosing a Bird Table For Your Garden

Advice on choosing, siting and looking after a bird table. A bird table in your garden is a great way to attract birds and will bring you many hours of enjoyment.

Home and Garden Tools

Garden tools are a gardener’s best friend (besides his garden, of course). Garden tools can do more than just help a gardener weed his garden. Garden tools are available in the market and these can also be purchased online through internet.

Ideas and Tips on How to Create a Summer Garden Within Budget

Summer is the time of the year when you can really appreciate your garden. A summer garden is definitely a great idea to build especially if you plan to stay outdoors during the summer season and spend time building your backyard. Just remember it does not have to be expensive, and a summer garden can be a cost effective project if you know the right way to manage your expenses.

Experiencing an Organic Summer Garden

A summer garden is thing of beauty and when you create it organically, it makes it not only beautiful but also environment friendly. Sometimes you can have the best of both worlds if you make organic summer gardens, which are gardens that please the eyes and protect the future of the planet.

Portable Greenhouse

If you are interested in growing plants in a greenhouse but don’t have the space or finances for one or don’t want a permenant fixture, you should seriously consider a portable greenhouse. You can get a portable greenhouse in a kit.

Buying a Greenhouse Kit? Avoid These Mistakes

If you don’t want to waste your money when you buy your new greenhouse kit, read this article. It helps you realize what you need in a greenhouse, and what pitfalls to watch out for.

Designs For Garden Flower Beds

Various designs for garden flower beds can be applied on your garden. These designs should be carefully followed and maintained as well for better enjoyment of the garden layout. Gardens give delight to our human senses such as tasting, smelling, feeling, hearing and seeing. They give our senses the natural stimulation as we get surrounded with flowers and greenery environment.

Tropical Rainforest Flowers

The tropical rainforest flowers naturally grow in places with rainy, humid and warm climates. It can grow successfully at indoors but should be carefully attended on their unique needs. Most of the species of this kind of flowers can survive best on temperature more than 65 degrees of Fahrenheit. It can even live outside the climate zones of 11 and 10.

Beautiful Flower Garden Layouts

To have a beautiful garden doesn’t only depend on having beautiful plants and blooming flowers. These plants and flowers must be placed in proper order to have a view that is pleasing to the eyes. To have this you must use good flower garden layouts that enhance the beauty of the plants and of the entire garden.

Lawn Fertilizing Techniques For a Greener Lawn

Are you seeking to be the envy of the neighborhood? Proper lawn fertilizing techniques go a long way. Fertilizing properly will not only make your lawn green, it will also make your neighbors green with envy!

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