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Second Growing Season

When we think of gardening, the first thing that comes to mind is spring. You may be surprised to know that the end of summer or beginning of fall is also a great time to start planting. We like to refer to this as the “second growing season”. In fact, many great fruit and vegetables flourish during this time of year.

Renovation Time – The Bold and Attractive Features of Concrete Paving

When you have a small house or a big bungalow, it’s important to have a well-decorated outhouse. Besides adding a beautiful ambiance to your property, it’ll help enhance the resale value of your house as well.

How To Grow Hydroponic Strawberries Easily In Your Own Home On A Low Cost Budget

Growing hydroponic strawberries in your own home is easy. Set-up costs are minimal and you can then eat this summer fruit all year round.

Instructions for Readying Your Yard and Garden for Wintertime

A bunch of tips and techniques for preparing your yard and garden for winter. Learn how to set your plants up for success!

Are High Pressure Sodium Grow Lights Worth the Money?

If you have already decided to start your very own indoor garden system, then it is important that you understand the importance of grow lights, and whether they are worth investing in. Whilst the more experienced growers will know that grow light bulbs are essential to ensuring that their plants grow successfully, to others they may seem like a potential hazard just waiting to happen. However, if you are thinking about possibly investing into having your own set of grow lights, then here are some points regarding whether they are truly worth the money.

What to Consider When Purchasing a 1000W Ballast

Indoor gardening can be a very rewarding hobby. However, if you do not fully understand all of the aspects that are involved, the process can become slightly overwhelming; especially with the different lights you can buy. In addition, you may have heard that you also need something called a Ballast in order to run the thing properly, and you begin to question just how much it is going to cost in order for you to successfully run your own garden. If this sounds like you, then do not worry, as this article is going to go through what you need to consider when purchasing a ballast.

A Basic Guide to Terrariums

Find out the basic types of terrarium plants. Figure out if you should use succulents or carnivorous plants or something different, like moss!

Additional Tasks for a Lovely Lawn

There is no point mowing a lawn correctly if you fail to maintain it properly and carry out all lawn care tasks, especially in tropical climates like on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, where the weather can be varied and unpredictable. If you have a lawn which is on badly drained ground, puddles can appear after heavy rain and eventually result in moss forming on your garden. In order to help prevent this you can carry out the simple task of aerating the lawn.

Healthy Gardening Trend

As consumers, we are increasingly more aware of what we’re purchasing from the supermarket. We want healthy food that isn’t laced with pesticide and overly-processed. We are becoming more aware and trying to take back control of our health and wellness. If you watch closely, you will notice a movement towards a healthy gardening trend. Read on to learn more about this trend.

Birds Eating Your Blueberries? Time for Bird Control!

If you decide to grow blueberries, there are some things you need to do to protect them from hungry pest birds. Before you can say blueberry, the bids will have picked your crop clean, leaving you with stems. Blueberries attract finches, Robbins, grosbeak, pheasants, blue jays, Stellar jays, humming birds and many other types of birds.

Trees Are Majestic Plants

The land has been cleared, the lawn sod has been placed, and the next item to plant is the trees. Trees are majestic plants which need to be carefully placed in the landscaping design. These imposing plants may be used to frame, enhance, or become the focal point for both land and house.

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